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Does anyone have any experience of oesophageal motility disorder?

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NannyR Tue 06-Jan-15 21:02:13

For around 10 years I've had a problem with swallowing, where my oesophagus seems to go into a spasm and I physically can't swallow anything, not even saliva, sometimes for a few hours, worst case was ten hours.
This might happen 2 or 3 times in a week then nothing for months. Because this happens so sporadically, I haven't seen a doctor about it until a few months ago (when I had the 10 hour episode which was quite frightening).

I've been referred to a specialist and had a barium swallow and endoscopy both which came back clear (which i kind of expected as 99% of the time i can swallow normally) Based on the symptoms I've described I've been diagnosed as having oesophageal motility disorder.

The specialist wants to do some more investigations and put me onto some medication, which I'm not that keen on (I don't want to take tablets everyday for something that might happen once in a few months).

Does anyone else have this problem? Or know of anyone with it? How do you deal with it?
There isn't a great deal of info on the net about it (and I try to avoid consulting dr google!)

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