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sore bums

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leese Tue 09-Apr-02 18:39:55

Dear all, just a quick query. My sisters baby (8 mths) has had bad diarrhoea (there's that word again!) for past five days. Has been s/b GP ? rotavirus. This not so much the problem, as the awful sore bum he has as a result. Sister tried Sudocren for awhile, but seemed to mke things worse (? sensitivity to this), and is now on vaseline as a barrier. Gp today gave her canestan cream(?!), as she said as the bum was raw, may be more prone to a fungal infection, so canestan should ward this off. My sis is now using this, but consequently less barrier cream.
Will this make things worse?
Any magic solutions? All the air drying over the last week seems to have had little effect.
Mum suggested an egg white pasted on, left to dry, then cleaned off - anyone else heard of this or anything else worth a go?

tufty Tue 09-Apr-02 19:01:18

Het there. FWIW when my son was in hospital the consultanat recommended egg white to heal a sore bot. Unfortunatley my son is allergic to egg but it may help your sisters baby. Canestan cream sounds quite severe as a precautionary measure...?
We used metanium when things got desperate, otherwise Kamiilosan. Vaseline doesn't allow the air through I believe...

mears Tue 09-Apr-02 19:12:28

Egg white used to be used frequently in hospitals but was stopped a number of years ago because of the salmonella scare and potetial for infection.
I found Thovalive worked very well - similar to sudocreme. Drapoline is also really good.
If your sister is using disposable nappies then canestan without a barrier cream with frequent changing should be fine. Canesten should also be used for at least 5 days after rash has cleared to ensure fungal infection is completely cured.

Rhiannon Tue 09-Apr-02 20:09:39

Yep, try Metanium cream, use sparingly wonderful stuff. R

maryz Tue 09-Apr-02 20:10:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChanelNo5 Tue 09-Apr-02 21:30:51

Another vote for metanium here, it's messy but fab!

jodee Tue 09-Apr-02 21:36:08

Definitely Metanium, I hadn't heard of it until I came on Mumsnet, it's the bees knees for sore bots.

bloss Wed 10-Apr-02 03:46:45

Message withdrawn

JJ Wed 10-Apr-02 08:43:19

My son's GP suggested Sudocrem on the bottom first, then Metanium on top of that. It worked amazingly well. Her theory is that Sudocrem is a better healer and Metanium is a better barrier.

helenmc Wed 10-Apr-02 20:10:03

I've used egg white - can you get pasteurised eggs now? (would this kill the salmonella?) It dried to form a skin and really worked quickly.
I used to use water and cotton wool and only used wet wipes when out & about.

Kia Wed 10-Apr-02 22:25:44

the topic above this one is 'contraception' and this one is 'sore bum' it has made me snigger all night! I used to use a sudocrem barrier combination but I cannot for the life of me remember which one was the other.

leese Thu 11-Apr-02 18:42:04

Thanks everyone - sis got some Metanium cream from Boots, and after a couple of applications, already looks a lot better - thanks again!

fisil Mon 04-Aug-03 21:17:47

This thread partly answers my questions - can anyone answer a couple of further questions?

Ds has had the runs for a while. That seems to have cleared up, but he now has nappy rash for the first time ever. As I've never seen nappy rash before, I wasn't sure whether it always looks like this - it is bright red patches which have white spots and some patches are so raw they have blistered. Is it possible that the white patches are in fact a fungal infection? He is in a lot of pain - he usually sleeps really well but has been wimpering most of the evening and just now was up and screaming.

I will follow the advice here - but a couple of Qs, where do you get metanium from (can I pop to Tescos now or do I need to wait for the chemists in the morning? is it a brand name?) also, I rang the Dr this afternoon but they only had emergency appointments available so I said I would leave those to a more deserving case. We are off on hols on Wednesday morning, so do you reckon I should ring in the morning and take one of those appointments?

mckenzie Mon 04-Aug-03 21:21:18

Can only answer one of your quesions Fisil - I'd go to the doctors in the morning! You want to get this checked out before you go away. Sorry I cant help with the other quesions, I'm sure someone will reply to you soon who can though.

misdee Mon 04-Aug-03 21:24:03

i would take one of the appointments. if its a fungal infection then your ds will need canasten cream, my dd1 had to use the hydrocortisone canestan once for about a week. cleared up her very sore buttom quickly and she stopped screaming every time a nappy change was needed. i would count a sore bum in a baby/toddler as an emergency. get it treated.

runragged Mon 04-Aug-03 21:27:46

I would take one of those appointments as well. If its thrush it will clear up in no time at all with the right cream. I was really cautious about "emergency" appointments" to begin with but that is what they call all off the "on the day ones". Anything that causes your ds genuine discomfort and you think should be seen by the dr just go.

LIZS Mon 04-Aug-03 21:28:47

You can get Metanium from a Tesco pharmacist or a chemist but it does sound more like a fungal infection in which case you need to see the dr. dd's cleared up really quickly once we used the right cream. Make sure you change him frequently as a damp nappy won't help, possibly leaving it off altogether if you can on holiday.

runragged Mon 04-Aug-03 21:29:25

Oh, not sure about the mentium(?) but you can use caneston cream on babies bums so if you have got any of that I'd slap it on.

fisil Mon 04-Aug-03 21:29:35

Thank you my darlings. It is soooo wonderful to get advice like this so fast. I am off to bed now, on the assumption that I will be up during the night. Humph. Any more advice, please keep it coming, will check again in the a.m. (2 a.m., perhaps!) xxx

Loobie Mon 04-Aug-03 21:58:13

yeh it sounds like thrush,if you have any canesten just put that on him as what the docs give you is the exact same thing,when my daughter had it my h.v gave me the cream for her so i didnt need to bother the g.p

babymumof1 Mon 15-Sep-08 16:13:34

Any help for me please?
baby boy of almost two has blisters on his bum and now they are on his legs and going to his belly and hips? The ones on his bum and legs are big blisters that seem to be yellow in colour.
I have always used Bepanthan and metanium but this is in no way helping and he crys at night quiet hysterical and also when a sleep in his car chair. I feel so desperate as i was suer that Metanium would help as it always has.
Does anyone think I should try caneston or just go to the docs as he hasn't slept right for four days now?
PLease help from one single parent desperate mum.

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