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tips on upping my immune system after pneumonia

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giroux Sun 04-Jan-15 17:21:24

I was wondering if anyone could post any advice on how i can boost my immune system after a bout of pneumonia.

I have always been very healthy however, I've just turned 40, I'm going through a (very) messy divorce, i work full-time, I've been doing my Masters part-time and i have two kids under 6 who i have full custody of. I realise that i have taken on too much and I've paid for it with my health.

My family live hundreds of miles away so no practical help on a day-to-day basis. Their father my STBXH does (literally) nothing.

How can i increase my health so that this does not happen again? I do no exercise because i have never enjoyed it and I'm one of those annoying people who has always been slim. However, i have no muscle tone and as i age, i am now paying for a lifetime of no exercise with my rapidly drooping bum (and everything else actually).

My food habits are fine but i have an unhealthy love affair with sugar and will avoid it for weeks and then binge on a tub of ice cream after a particularly hard day (usually something related to my divorce). I don't drink or smoke anymore (haven't done for years)

I need some gentle exercise and food habits that will help me build my health and stamina. Preferably that i can continue to do long term. I literally have no idea what to do exercise and diet wise as my body has never let me down before.

All help and advice appreciated!

magiandco Mon 05-Jan-15 19:11:23

Hi Giroux. So sorry you have had pneumonia and are going through a divorce. You do sound very busy, which must make getting well again difficult.Very similar happened to me in that I got a severe bout of pneumonia following years of a busy stressful life ( no divorce but ds has autism, and very much needed 24 hour care), and it was quite a shock for my body to let me down so badly! I had been quitte fit before that although my own activities had been on hold mostly since ds arrived- he certainly kept me on my toes. I think I had got more and more run down but was too busy surviving to notice.
I think putting my own needs last for so many years took there toll, so I think it is important to try to get some fun some how! So the first priority is to have fun and do things you enjoy even if it is only 10 minutes here and there- rather than specifically to get fit. However if you are still recovering (as you most probably are- for every day in hospital think 1-4 weeks to recover), then just getting on the first rung to getting a body that does as you espect is the first step. Its hard to know where to start if you cannot stand up for long, never mind join in with sports. I saw a respiratory physiotherapist (privately- I have some lung problems) who suggested I had a little walk- snails pace (taking a couple of good breaths before starting so I did not faint- for a few minutes a day, building up, little by little, until I could walk without keeling over or getting puffed. Slowly you will get fitter. I think it is important to enjoy what you are doing rather than take part in sport specifically. Dancing with the kids, singing, walking around window shopping- whatever.
Nutrition is important. I thought I eat a healthy diet (lots of fresh veg and fruit, low fat low salt) but it actually lacked good fats- needed for immunity, for instance. It might be worth asking the GP to check your vit D levels - mine was deficient and good levels help immunity and lung health. I take B vitamins including pantothenic acid which I seem to remember can get low with long term stress. Magnesium is another thing I take (or took) but I can only tell you what I needed - you may have different needs. Now I put a cup of (magnesium loaded) Epsom salts in a bath once a week to keep my levels up - as low levels can aggravate my lung problems.
Hope you are soon feeling better.

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