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Mesenteric adenitis

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Zazzabeans Sun 04-Jan-15 09:39:01

Dd1 is 7, she is within the correct height and weight range great her age.
She is a very fussy eater sad
About 3 weeks ago, she started screaming out of the blue with tummy pain,this is really unlike her as she is normally fit and well and the least of my 3dcs who gets ill. Took her to the walk in where I was told gastrorenterits as her tummy was gurgling a lot, took her home and all was fine, no sickness or diarrhea so put it down to one of those things only it has happened twice since then, pain is always around her belly button, she shivers and feels Generally unwell for 2-3 hours.
I took her to the gp on Friday (locum) who felt tummy said it felt ok and went to ask another gp opinion, who told her (without even seeing dd) that it sounded like mesenteric adenitis and there's no tests etc .
Dd has been pale for the last few days and has now woke up with tummy pain, beggining to doubt the diagnosis especially as the 2nd hour didn't even see her.
Really unlike dd to be ill sad

mandmsmummy Sun 04-Jan-15 21:28:16

My ds may have this, it really does make them feel poorly. Takes a while for my sons to settle down too. Tummy ache, quiet, pale, up and down but nothing you can really put your finger on. Water bottle on the tummy helps my son xx

magiandco Mon 05-Jan-15 17:28:52

Ds had mesenteric adenitis around age 6 - it gave him very severe tummy pain, and at first it was thought he may have appendicitis. Ds has LD and ASD so could not tell us much and otherwise appeared to have a good pain threshold- but he was obviously in a lot of pain as he would just collapse in pain and became very fearful of being alone at night. He was (eventually) given some medicine which I think was a muscle relaxant (although I cannot remember for sure), and that helped. He recovered quite quickly after that, although the fear of being alone lasted much longer. We were told it was only children that suffer from it, as the mesentery or glands within it (again only hazy memory) in the tummy can get more swollen and sore in the young when the body is fighting off an infection than in adults.
If she is no better or is getting very distressed perhaps go back to the GP? Hope she is soon on the mend.

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