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Post menopausal Bleeding

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RockinHippy Sun 04-Jan-15 01:09:41

It won't let me name change blush

No periods for a few years now, so definitely post menopause ...

Pain is quite severe, I was fine until I emptied my bladder the next morning & noticed bloody slime in the water. The pain has built up from there to the point where I feel quite sick with it, I have low back ache too, but both back & front pain seem lower than I remember period pain to be. I also have low left side sharper groin pain. Bleeding is like a light period & brighter red. I have bathed etc & it's still going.

I have had this sharp pain at odd times over recent years to, but it's been put down to other health problems - of which I have a list hmm

TMI blush I was previously so dry that my skin would tear easily - tear a lot, so sex has been off the menu for a long while, but I had to stop taking a BP/Kidney drug (causing heart racing) & realised it was the cause of the severe dryness, which has improved massively, sex wasn't uncomfortable at all - but I'm in agony now, this is all different from my usual symptoms.

I will see my GP on Monday, but they aren't usually fast to act & usually need prompting, so I'm hoping for advice on what I need next as Im finding this very worrying & I'm generally not a worrier at all blush

Thank you for reading

pinkfrocks Sun 04-Jan-15 08:35:18

Sorry sad

Your GP should refer you for an urgent scan and that's usually within 2 weeks.

If you have had bad vaginal dryness for years then sometimes this can cause a bloody discharge due to the chafing that happens internally- even with no sex.

In any case, if it's nothing serious you must ask for vaginal oestrogen if it's caused by dryness- though from what you say you don't have that?

How old are you? If you are young then a big gap in periods is not so serious but if you are 50+ and have gone through the menopause ( did you have all the other symptoms??) it needs investigating.

digerd Sun 04-Jan-15 09:31:10

I had bleeding in my low-mid 50s and GP took it too seriously according to the A&E Dr . But my pain was normal period pain.
I had it happen again and was referred for a scan on a full bladder shock blush.
My left ovary was obscured by my Cone biopsy from 20 years earlier healing wonky hmm so was admitted to hospital for a Hysteroscopy. Nothing was found and was thought to be caused by my HRT 'breakthroughs' which are quite common apparently.

Good luck tomorrow at GP's.

pinkfrocks Sun 04-Jan-15 09:42:45

This is one of those conditions where GPs are pretty much 'obliged' to follow guidelines. Bleeding 12 months after a period ( if aged 50+ and menopausal) = scan within 2 weeks.

The scan is usually always transvaginal- this gives a better picture and means no need for full bladder. It takes about 5-10 minutes and is less painful than a smear.

OP- even if your GP does not suggest a scan you must ask for one.

springalong Sun 04-Jan-15 09:55:24

I have been told categorically by my GP that if there is any bleeding (ie post menopause) then I must go and see them. Hope they sort it for you.

Annarose2014 Sun 04-Jan-15 10:05:49

Urgent scan. It could be a mass of ovarian cysts, or at the extreme end, ovarian/uterine cancer which would quite possibly warrant a hysterectomy. Or it could be a cervical issue.

If your GP fobs you off or puts you on a long waiting list, then go to A&E as you'll get a scan there and then. If its nothing you'll have peace of mind, if its something you'll have keyhole surgery pretty quickly. Recovery is fast.

CateBlanket Sun 04-Jan-15 11:43:13

Your GP can't fob you off; s/he must refer you to be seen by gynae within 2 weeks. Less than 10% of pmb is caused by cancer. Lots of benign things could be causing this. Good luck.

RockinHippy Mon 05-Jan-15 21:07:59

Thanks everyone, apologies for not replying sooner, but it's been a bit if a roller coaster of a few days

As far as fobbing off goes, my GP is always very nice about things, though hasn't actually managed to diagnose anything correctly for either DD or myself & after a few years of her refusing referral request & my pushing & my being right, she now she has a bit of a habit of agreeing to anything - & then doing nothing about it, I have to chase & chase referrals - like I say, she's nice, but hardly efficient & it's hard work & I would gladly change if there was somewhere else to go, but after her messing, I've learnt to be insistent & follow up by ringing the secretary & make sure it's been done, which seems to be working, but isn't always fast.

I rang 111 after posting & seeing a few of your replies, the pain was getting worse anyway - the doctor that rang me back from there was great, listened well & said he wanted me to go to OOH instead of A&E as A&E were very busy & I didn't sound well enough to sit wait long.

Waste of time that was, the doctor I got just wasn't useless, wasn't listening, didn't check anything at all until DH made a fuss, she then took a urine sample - despite my insisting that it was an infection as it felt very different - long story short, I came away with antibiotics, even though the dipstick White cell level was barely past normal range - she made a big deal of showing me the amount of blood the dipstick showed in my urine - no shit Sherlock - I was seeing beetroot juice & after years of kidney trouble, I know that doesn't mean infection anyway hmm

I couldn't get an appointment with my GP today, so I decided to go to my local GUM clinic - I rang them first to make sure they would be able to help, they were fantastic, gave me an appointment & after ruling out all infections - I have been fast tracked through the system & passed over the hospital gynaecology department, where I have been all day - poked, prodded, scanned & biopsied - they were looking for cancer, but thankfully they really don't think I have that, though the biopsy results will rule it out completely

Verdict is - I have large fibroids which have haemorrhaged & I'm now back at home, still suffering, but I will get a letter in the next few days that will be for an Op to sort it out & I will be in & out within the next few weeks - still feeling a bit she'll shocked TBH, so heat pads, codeine & an early night for me

Thanks again for giving me the push & the confidence not to listen to the OOH Dr flowers

RockinHippy Mon 05-Jan-15 21:09:48

That should have read - insisting it WASNT an infection

CateBlanket Mon 05-Jan-15 21:17:33

Well done, OP, wishing you a speedy recovery from the fibroids OP flowers

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