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ovarian cysts - recovery time after op

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bobinks Sat 03-Jan-15 23:39:29

I recently has an 4cm ovarian cyst removed by keyhole surgery along with two small endometriomas. 3 weeks on and I'm still getting quite a lot of internal pain/discomfort around the ovary area. Is this typical? I was expecting to feel pretty much back to normal by now.

Shoegal0305 Sun 04-Jan-15 09:53:58

Watching with interest as I have a cyst which is being monitored. Hope you feel better soon xx

chunkythighs Mon 05-Jan-15 00:49:39

I hate to tell you but I was on constant painkillers for three months following my 8cm cyst removal. It was like the bloody thing was never removed!

bobinks Fri 16-Jan-15 23:26:36

Shoegal - things slowly improving but I reckon another week or two before I get back to normal, so 6 weeks in all. Hope your cyst clears up on its own x

OMGmetoo Fri 16-Jan-15 23:33:27

I had two cysts removed in late November and started to feel mostly-normal around Christmas - so 5-6 weeks. Most of the later stages of recovery were getting over fatigue and trying not to lift my 4 year old! (I can lift her now!)

bobinks Wed 21-Jan-15 20:51:17

OMGmetoo that makes me feel better about it. I have 4yo and finding it hard to keep up with the pace of things and slightly worried this was not typical after a 'minor' op, but sounds like I have just under-estimated recovery time. thanks x

OMGmetoo Thu 22-Jan-15 11:10:41

I think there's a big range in recovery times. I thought it would take two weeks hmm but yeah, it took a lot longer. It actually helped with 4yo's independence and willingness to walk ("no, I can't carry you. I'll just wait here and we'll both get cold." grin) so there was a silver lining.

It took a bit longer still before I felt ready to DTD but I'm there now.

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