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Anyone have hypothyroidism ?

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Kab13 Fri 02-Jan-15 08:52:35

I was diagnosed 3 years ago, my levels are now normal. I still feel like death.
I have days where I feel so tired i just feel like crying. My poor dh has to stay home a lot and work from home which will affect his career (stays at home to help with dd).
I developed my interactive thyroid 6 years ago, I know the point of which my life dramatically changed. I went from a confident, fit and healthy young woman to someone who could sleep all day, felt achey and flu like 90% of the time and never went out.
It's ruining my life. I've had every blood test under the sun and nothing has shown up.
It has to be my thyroid and I can't get any doctor to take me seriously, one doctor suggested I have FM.
But I have moved away since then so have a new doctor who tellse to do more and eat less. Yes I need to lose weight, I've lost a stone but there's much more to come off.
Surely being fat hasn't made me unable to enjoy life to this extent. It's the mental exhaustion more than the physical and the arthritic pains in my hands that seems to affect me most.
Anyone been through this and found a way to sort yourself out?

RubySparks Fri 02-Jan-15 09:02:13

Yes I do. It's autoimmune (hashimoto's) and had it for 4/5 years now and have felt awful at times. I also have coeliac disease so eat gluten free. I have just kept going back to docs and having them investigate over and over. I have had low vit D and take supplements, low B12 and having injections. I also left a hugely stressful job and work much less hours now doing something I like (though less money!). I also kept pushing to get higher dose of levothyroxine as just wasn't feeling better despite blood tests showing 'normal' range - it just wasn't right for me!

So persevere and I know how hard that is when you are already tired. The mental side has improved for me with B12 and change in job (less stress).

Good luck.

OneHorseOpenSandwich Fri 02-Jan-15 09:07:32

Ask for a referral to an endocrinologist

tobee Fri 02-Jan-15 13:19:29

Some say that if you were undiagnosed for x amount of time it takes x amount of time to get up to speed after medicated.

Also, in that formula, I didn't count medicated until I was on optimum dosage.

It does take a really long time. I feel more or less well now although last year I suffered from very low iron and ferritin levels which makes you feel tired and wiped out. Plus my vit d was low.

Make sure you are going to annual blood tests for thyroid function and all the other blood tests available.

Winter is believed to be especially bad for underactive thyroid. Make sure you take your meds at the right time and don't combine with calcium. Certain meds inhibit thyroid replacement pills like indigestion pills. Even though your levels are normal you can have daily fluctuations. Your levels read normal but there is a lot of repair work to be done.

Hope this makes sense!

RockinD Fri 02-Jan-15 13:31:11

OP, lots of people could have written your post. You may well be under medicated, which is also very common.

Ask your GP for a copy of your last test results, with the reference ranges, and get over to the ThyroidUK forum on The knowledgeable people on there will walk you through the process of identifying what us really happening with your thyroid, where your vitamin and mineral levels are, whether you need to be gluten free etc etc.

Never believe a doctor who tells you everything is normal. He may be saying that because your results are within the reference range, he may be going by TSH only etc etc.

Kab13 Fri 02-Jan-15 17:13:36

Thank you all for your advice. Never heard about a lot of it, I need to know more to help myself so good to hear from people with more knowledge!

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