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How many fillings do you have and how old are you?

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KBear Fri 13-Oct-06 21:48:42

I was talking to someone today about dental health and that my children's teeth are a big concern of mine after being drilled many times as a child myself.

I am convinced that lots of people around my age (38) have lots of fillings because of an over-zealous filling policy dentists seemed to have in the 70's and 80's. So, please humour me and tell me your age and the number of fillings you have.

It's not scientific, I'm just wondering!

Cheesy grin for you!

hulababy Fri 13-Oct-06 21:49:49

I'm 33 and have no fillings.
Dh is 33 and seems to have a few at the back.

Wallace Fri 13-Oct-06 21:50:27

age 28. I had two fillings about 7 years ago. I do need a few more now.

nutcracker Fri 13-Oct-06 21:50:53

I am 28 and had my first filling last year, I was gutted.

MamaGhoul Fri 13-Oct-06 21:50:56

31 - with 5 fillings (was 6 but I've just lost a tooth!)

How many do you have KBear?

QueenQuootieSpookypieBee Fri 13-Oct-06 21:51:49

gordon bennet... 5? Had them done nearly everytime I went when I was younger - im beginning to think its because he was private and obviously he made money from it! Have 1 root canal (blame pregnancy) and need 2 more fillings (pregnancy again) but am too scared to go back as it took 4 injections and 2 hours to get me numb last time!

Posey Fri 13-Oct-06 21:52:14

3 answers all in one go for you. Me, dh and sis, aged 37,39 and 40.
We have 5 each.

galaxy Fri 13-Oct-06 21:52:19

38 and 5 fillings and I agree - one of the things kids can have now though is caps on their molars for about a tenner each tooth to reduce chances of decay. You didn't get that in my day!

MamaGhoul Fri 13-Oct-06 21:53:00

I'm the same with going numb. My new dentist said it will be because the nerve isn't straight (or something) and so he injected at the side - numb much sooner than usual.

hulababy Fri 13-Oct-06 21:53:20

My teeth were capped when I was in my teens - possibly why I have no fillings now.

Posey Fri 13-Oct-06 21:53:38

Have only had one filling in about the last 20 years though. Think most dental work was done as a teen.

Spagblog Fri 13-Oct-06 21:56:13

30 and I have one filling (but it covers two teeth ) I refuse to say that I have two fillings.

I only got it recently too.

Emskilou Fri 13-Oct-06 21:57:24

26 and none

bunny75 Fri 13-Oct-06 22:13:36

been to the dentist this afternoon and had a filling on a biggie at the back on the bottom. Bitch hit the bone when she gave me the injection.......nearly kneed her in the face!!! The receptionist had to shut the door, as my shreek probably unsettled the patients in the waiting room!!! Anyway, i now have 4 and am 31

moondog Fri 13-Oct-06 22:15:00

Am 39 and haVE NONE.

DontlookatmeImshy Fri 13-Oct-06 22:19:15

35 and no filling.

Goodness knows how, the amount of teeth rotting crap I eat.

CorpseBrideOfJohnCusack Fri 13-Oct-06 22:21:44

32 and none
although I have a missing molar after a dentist attempted to fill it and destroyed the whole tooth...

KBear Fri 13-Oct-06 22:29:59

I have 7

... and we were only allowed sweets once a week and brushed regularly, seems we got a filling at every visit.

My DH went to the same butcher of a dentist ("The Butcher") when he was growing up and has loads too.

Frizombie Fri 13-Oct-06 22:32:39

32 with two!

FrannyandZooey Fri 13-Oct-06 22:32:57

I am 35 and I think I have a sort of very small one

The dentist knew I was a bit phobic about having any work done, and gently explained that there was a tiny bit of decay on one tooth and she was just going to clean it off, and put some sealant on the top to stop it spreading.

"OK, fine," I said. "So, what are you going to clean it with?"

"Erm, the drill....."

muma3 Fri 13-Oct-06 22:33:44

24 with 6

jasnDISMemBERED Fri 13-Oct-06 22:34:10

I have more than 7 I really don't know without standing in front of a mirror and trying to count.
I'm 37, and had them all bar 2 (pregnant) before the age of 16.

I had sweets once a week too, and did brush my teeth.

Elis1905 Wed 21-Jan-15 23:50:45


I feel awful now reading all the replies! I had my first root canal at age 17. In total I've had probably 8 fillings, 3 root canals, numerous teeth removed and one dental implant. Age 30 now. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I think it's bad dental genes!

FailOfTheCentury Wed 21-Jan-15 23:53:40

29, and 0. Technically. Though I do have some kind of filler/sealant in the crevices between the cusps on my wisdom teeth.

NoArmaniNoPunani Wed 21-Jan-15 23:56:50

33, one small filling.

Gum condition is more of an indicator of dental health really.

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