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Anyone had Strep Throat?

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QTPie Wed 31-Dec-14 17:45:18

I am on holiday and have had a massive sore throat, discomfort swallowing and headaches since we got here (well the morning after the 10.5 hour flight). Hot red spots at the back of my mouth (can't see my throat). Haven't got other cold symptoms. Had a fever - of over 100 - for a short time yesterday, but not a consistent fever.

Am throwing a combination of ibuprofen and Paracetamol at it (staggered) and medicated throat sweets, but not really helping much (relief very temporary - mainly the headaches, sore throat and discomfort swallowing always there).

Does it sound like it could be strep or probably just a virus? I very rarely get sore throats.

Baddz Wed 31-Dec-14 17:47:44

Try and get some difflam spray from the pharmacy.
If it's strep your temp will become constant and your glands will be large.
There will also be white spots/puss on the tonsils.

hugoagogo Wed 31-Dec-14 17:56:08

I think strep throat is the same as tonsillitis? If so I have had it lots, it makes you feel really really rotten and spacey, a bad taste in the mouth is particularly characteristic.
If you are so poorly that even after taking painkillers all you can do is lay in bed and sweat, then you probably have tonsillitis and should see a doctor.
If not then it's just a sore throat and just rest, fluids etc.

marne2 Wed 31-Dec-14 18:09:27

I have been poorly with it for a few days, it's now starting to get better ( though if I sneeze it really hurts, like razors in my throat ), I just kept taking pain killers like you are doing, suck good cough sweets and drink as much as you can.

My dd2 used to get it a lot and would fight it without antibiotics ( not my choice, she refuses to take medicine ), it does take time though. Hope you are feeling better soon.

QTPie Wed 31-Dec-14 23:31:26

Thanks ladies.

Will look for difflam - in the US, but they must have it or an equivalent.

Feeling less headachey today (should do after 13 hours sleep last night!), but throat still feels like I am swallowing razor blades on and off (depending how long since last painkillers...). No noticeable fever today and have been out if bed more. Funny you should say about sneezing: I sneezed once yesterday and it felt like it ripped my epiglottis off sad

Will get husband's uncle to have a look when he gets back from work. He is a Pathologist. Doesn't see many live patients. Hopefully doesn't see many people who have died from this either! But hoping he knows what to look for...

I haven't had this before (I am almost 41!).

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