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Transcendental Meditation - has anyone tried it?

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lulu40 Tue 09-Apr-02 14:19:52

I have wanted to do a course in the above for years after reading of all the benefits but have always been put off by the cost - £500 for a 4 day course - I really need to do some sort of relaxation technique can anybody recommend TM or indeed any other form of relaxation technique?

Tillysmummy Tue 09-Apr-02 14:32:31

Lulu, I would recommend Reiki - that is a form of relaxation / getting in touch with your energy - worked great for me.

emmagee Tue 09-Apr-02 18:43:10

I recently did a 6 week course of meditation training from the Buddhist tradition which was excellent. There are Buddhist centres all over Briatin, where are you based? The only trick now is to find the time to get even 10 minutes a day to practice

lulu40 Wed 10-Apr-02 12:27:49

South East London

emmagee Wed 10-Apr-02 19:43:21

There's a Buddhist centre in Brixton tel:020 8671 7115 if that would be any good. Have a look at the fwbo site which has details of all of their centres and also stuff about buddhist meditation (fwbo stands for Friends of the Western Buddhist Order by the way)

lulu40 Thu 11-Apr-02 14:28:02

Thanks - do you find it does help in dealing with the busy lives we lead?

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