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Headache what type have I got

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als30 Mon 29-Dec-14 13:12:11

Past few days have had headaches different sides of head did bump my head on mon evening (last week) but was not hard stood up to move seats on mini bus head hit a bit of the roof so wasn't sore etc felt ok past few days after this had a slight sore head nothing to take painkillers for woke up on sat morning with one hell of a sore head didn't stop me from going out etc was sore mainly when I coughed or moved forward took 4 paracetamol before it went away (2 at lunchtime 2 at about 11 at night ) same again yesterday woke up with it again never took anything though but it disappeared about tea time feel ok today but my neck and shoulder are sore and can still feel a slight pain in head but not as bad as it was
Pain was on right side to start with the ended up on left side where eyebrow is and at the side where the temples are could feel my cheekbone sore this morning too
I'm wondering if it's the way I'm sleeping at night don't usually get headaches if I do they go away pretty quick after painkillers etc

chloejaynemummy Mon 29-Dec-14 15:26:01

If I sleep funny at night or my pillows are to hard and flat I wake up with bad neck and head try changing them if ur neck and shoulders are hurting as well probably a tension headache? I use voltarol on neck and my headache soon goes xx

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