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Antibiotics and thrush what to do?

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Minime85 Mon 29-Dec-14 08:22:38

Hi I'm after advice on how best to treat thrush whilst on antibiotics. I've still got two days of antibiotics left. Do I take thrush tablet now? but then with two more days to go I'm worried it won't go away properly. So is it best to leave it (if I can stand it) and take it once I've finished my tablets? Thanks

Kundry Mon 29-Dec-14 08:24:26

Take the thrush treatment now, leaving it is just over thinking.

BeggarsCantBeChoosers Mon 29-Dec-14 08:40:53

Take it now so it doesn't get much worse, and take probiotics like Yakult drinks (from the supermarket) for as long as the antibiotics continue.

Mamab33 Mon 29-Dec-14 08:54:22

Yes take treatment now. Some recommend cutting out sugar from your diet helps too but no experience of whether there is any benefit.

zippyrainbowbrite Mon 29-Dec-14 08:59:20

I've always been told by the dr not
To take the thrush treatment until after finishing the ABs, as they are likely to cause it to come back.

You could try natural yoghurt to ease the itch until then? And definitely cut out the sugar and yeast, it will help it go quicker.

I sympathise, I'm suffering too at the moment after too much sugar over Xmas!

Minime85 Mon 29-Dec-14 09:20:13

Thanks everyone. I suffer from thrush a lot and it's wearing me down. I will try some actimel type drink today but I'm going away supposedly tomorrow and I suffer from IBS and they irritate that. Can't win either way. Will def cut back on sugar and yeast then too. Going to use cream today I think then If still awful take tablet tomorrow night with last antibiotic as double whammy ��

SusannahD Mon 29-Dec-14 09:24:09

I always find the tablet doesn't work when I'm on antibiotics but the cream does.

AnotherStitchInTime Mon 29-Dec-14 09:32:40

You can get probiotic powder capsules or tablets from health food shops like Holland and Barratt or online that are dairy free. Take the thrush meds now and take Max probiotic dose once antibiotic course ends for several weeks.

BeggarsCantBeChoosers Mon 29-Dec-14 10:29:22

I think the probiotic powder from health food shops are supposed to be stronger too smile

Minime85 Mon 29-Dec-14 21:52:41

Thanks I will definitely look into those probitoic powders. Managing okay with cream today and nipped to chemist and pharmacist told me to wait until I had finished if I could

53Dragon Mon 29-Dec-14 21:55:24

You leave it a couple of days after finishing the ABs before you treat the thrush, but in the meantime you can use natural yogurt for relief.

When you start treating it you can also start drinking Yakult or similar to restore your natural gut flora.

Fairylea Mon 29-Dec-14 21:55:35

I am on daily long term antibiotics and I suffer with thrush fairly regularly. I use the canestan pessary, this doesn't interfere with the antibiotics as it's not being taken orally. You can also use the external cream as well.

imjustahead Mon 29-Dec-14 22:06:58

be careful with the yog type probiotics they are full of sugar.

you can get better supplements that are also stronger.

53Dragon Mon 29-Dec-14 22:10:48

Fairylea - if you suffer from thrush 'fairly regularly' then you probably need to change something! Canesten doesn't interfere with ABs - it's the other way around which is why the usual advice is wait till you've finished the course. Difficult if you're on a daily dose, though.

Fairylea Mon 29-Dec-14 22:14:06

53 dragon thanks but there is nothing I can change. I have long term kidney problems and need to take high dose antibiotics daily upping the dose if necessary to treat any infections. I have bucket loads of antibiotics and canestan pessary packs at home as prescribed by my consultant to take as necessary (nhs urologist). Thanks though.

53Dragon Tue 30-Dec-14 00:59:32

You have my sympathy - must be horrid.

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