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Dealing with medical tests

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tobee Mon 29-Dec-14 00:05:45

Does everyone find dealing with medical test results ghastly or do some people deal with them rationally and with normal amounts of anxiety? How do they do that? And if nobody does, why doesn't anyone talk about it except on places like mumsnet? It's like cruel and unusual punishment.

XmasTimeMissCostelloAndWine Mon 29-Dec-14 00:47:28

Hi, what tests are you having? I hope you get the best possible results flowers

I've had quite a few over the last couple of years. I don't really feel any anxiety about them. It's not a conscious thing though, so I'm not sure how to do it. My general attitude to life is along the lines of whatever will be, will be, so I suspect it's just the way I am, rather than any useful skill I could pass on!

Since my illness I've met lots of people in a similar position. I think most suffer at least some anxiety before results, some more extreme than others. I tend to feel like a complete weirdo, even my medical team think so, so I'm sure that anxiety is normal. I suppose people don't talk about it in real life as they don't want to worry those around them? Or perhaps because discussing their fears makes them feel more real? It probably makes it feel much more lonely for you though if you think no one else feels the same way!

Depending on how long term this situation is, and how anxious you are, you might find that you need to speak to someone about the anxiety. If the tests relate to a specific condition then there may be a relevant charity with a helpline you can contact to discuss your fears. Or you could speak to your GP or medical team.

If it's likely to be a longer term situation, you could consider some techniques to combat your anxiety. Something like mindfulness meditation could help, I find it very relaxing, and know others who have used it for anxiety or depression. Or you might be able to have CBT.

I've ramble on long enough so I will stop there. All the best flowers

tobee Mon 29-Dec-14 01:49:48

Thanks for your lovely reply. It's a fibroid biopsy. I had the op beginning of December but still no date for follow up because of Christmas I guess. I think my main problem is that I'm no further along now than I was at the day of op.

I try to rationalise everything but the percentages don't really matter, if it's you, it's you. I suppose I tell myself that if it is bad news well imagining how I would react is probably nothing like the reality would be.

It's just this hideous suspense that's has no comparison. I used to have regular panic attacks and have seen a therapist and done cbt and read and listened to mindfulness CDs which worked but now I'm just in limbo.

I'm sorry to hear of your tests and your illness. You said far more stoical than me. I'm only stoical in theory.

XmasTimeMissCostelloAndWine Mon 29-Dec-14 22:11:39

If you think it would help, do pop over to the Tamoxigang thread. It's not just for people with a cancer diagnosis, people who are waiting for biopsy results often pop over for a hand to hold while they wait smile many on there will understand how you feel and will have had similar fears and anxieties, you'll be more than welcome.

How are you recovering from the op? I hope you've been able to enjoy Christmas fsmile

I'm really not great at knowing what to say, but I really hope you get an all clear result and that you find out soon flowers

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