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Rectocele surgery and anal fissures

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Smokedsalmonbagel Sat 27-Dec-14 10:35:58

I am due to have a rectocele repair at the end of January. I am really scared about the whole thing. But the thing that worries me the most in my history of fissures. I had really bad ones after the birth of both my children. Are they likely to come back after surgery to this area? Especially with swelling and possible constipation?
Anyone got any experience. All the doc says is I need to be really careful.
Thanks in advance.

BlandandInsipid Sat 27-Dec-14 22:56:02

Your biggest enemy in this instance will be constipation. As long as you drink a lot of water, both before and after surgery, eat plenty of fibre, get up out of bed and walk around and if necessary take a swig of lactulose you should be fine.
Good luck flowers

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