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Spotting bright red blood after period finished any clues to why?

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ConfusedInBath Thu 25-Dec-14 14:45:40

I'm 47 and in peri menopause.
Last year periods have gotten a bit nearer to each other, mostly light but sometimes heavy. Skipped a period in March and put it down to stress as just moved house.

Finished last period about 4 days ago but since then have had bright red bleeding when wipe. Feel a bit stingy too.

Mildly concerned to why I should start spotiing after period finished.

Any ideas please!

ConfusedInBath Fri 26-Dec-14 08:15:30


magimedi Fri 26-Dec-14 11:52:26

No ideas but bumping this for you.

You might try posting on menopause matters forum, or searching for similar probs. It can be a bit 'huns' but there is a wealth of advice there:

Snugglepiggy Fri 26-Dec-14 13:17:32

I have had polyps removed twice.Now in my mid fifties and first two tiny ones still caused lots of problems.Very heavy bleeding with periods and spotting between.And just had two larger ones removed under GA via a hysteroscopy as heavy periods returned ,plus bleeding after sex.Even small ones can cause you to become anaemic and feel run down.Same too for fibroids.You need to request investigations ie. an ultrasound scan or a hysteroscopy without an anaesthetic is not much worse than a smear and will determine the health of your uterine lining.I let it go in for far too long and my iron levels were rock bottom ,and my energy levels.Any irregular bleeding should be checked out,but try not to panic.In the vast majority of cases it's nothing too sinister.

ConfusedInBath Fri 26-Dec-14 13:20:33

Thank you both for replying.
Have other stuff going on with lower back and hip pain and have a MRI scan booked tomorrow don't know whether it's connected.

Will make an appointment with GP though.

PJ67 Fri 26-Dec-14 23:44:06

Hi. I've been having spotting a few days before my period for a while and occasionally at other times of my cycle. I went to the GP and was sent for an ultrasound which showed a polyp on my womb. Was then sent to gynae last week for a hysteroscopy which is a camera into the womb. The doctor took some biopsies and saw the polyp but said he thought it was too small to be causing symptoms. He said the most likely cause was hormonal and I am at the most likely age for this (47). He said I could take a progesterone pill to help but as it's not causing a problem I'll just leave it. Worth getting it checked out to rule out anything serious but may be down to peri menopause.

BrighterLight Mon 19-Jan-15 16:04:26

Hi ConfusedInBath - I was wondering if you discovered the cause of your spotting? I have had a period where I spotted right after, the period was shorter than usual and heavier I guess - the spotting carried on for 10 days.

This happened 2 years ago and was advised it was probably hormonal - so this time I didn't worry until it went on a bit longer. I felt PMS symptoms as well, which is unusual for me and cramping back pain with the spotting. All very strange.

I worried, so I went to my GP and a locum doctor has advised we need to investigate and now I am super anxious. Partly as I don't know what they are looking for and also I don't find investigations very easy.

So far I have been offered a blood test for hormone levels and thyroid and then she said perhaps an internal and a scan. I have had a smear in Nov 2013 and all was good, which was after the first period pattern like this, so I presumed I was all ok as far as cervical issues. It's so worrying.

I am 44 which she said was too young for perimenopause, I don't agree but I also understand that blood tests for hormones can be hit and miss. I am under a lot of stress right now and put it down to that, but am now freaking out slightly.

Most things I search for on the internet mention spotting before periods and in-between and not at the end. It felt as though my body would not expel properly which made me think it was low progesterone.

Anyway, sorry for the long 'anxious' post - just wondered if you had any news on your own situation.

ConfusedInBath Mon 19-Jan-15 19:36:12

Hi Brighter sorry you're anxious. Bloody hard being a woman isn't it!

This cycle has been very weird. Been spotting nearly all month on and off with some very big bleeds with clots.

Had colposcopy last Tuesday that was normal. Also had another pelvic scan, ( had the first one on the 3/1 that was normal ) but this one showed a cyst, today got a letter to say it was septated, which means it isn't a functional cyst. So now I'm worried again. The CA125 was normal though.

Just waiting for endometrial biopsy results. Apparently all other bloods were normal. I was thinking the bleeding might be low progesterone but it would seem not.

But I how long can someone keep bleeding for? I spoke to a nurse at colposcopy today re septated cyst and all she would say is that until all results are in nothing would be done.

Breasts are very sore and have been all month and have cystic acne on jaw, along with palpitations. Shit I sound lovely! grin so I can't help think it's hormones.

I don't think 44 is young for perimenopuase tbh and from what I've read hormone blood tests can be hit and miss depending on you on that day.

Don't be too worried, it's better to get checked out than leave it and I think your GP is right to investigate as opposed to the ' watch and wait '

Are your smears up to date?

BrighterLight Mon 19-Jan-15 19:57:08

Thank you for replying. I had to look up CA125 and this is a cancer marker test - glad for you that this was OK, along with the colposcopy. Strange that the first scan didn't show this cyst if it isn't a functional one, it suggests it isn't a come and go type (?)

Are your hormone levels good? Is that why you say it isn't low progesterone? I am finding this whole thing an education to say the least. I hope you get a diagnosis soon, after the biopsy results. It is a lot to be continually bleeding.

I stopped spotting and now waiting to see if my cycle remains on target - it has not changed in timing, only the spotting. My GP hasn't mentioned the range of testing you have had and now I wonder if I should ask for the lot! Not that I want to but in the past I have had burst ovarian cysts, a small fibroid and a cervical polyp removed. But......when I have asked if all this is related they say no.

I find it quite hard to know when to be concerned and when to push for checks or when to just chill out! I do know my hormones were way out of whack the last cycle, at the moment I feel balanced!

Yes my smears are up to date and all fine and a polyp removed in 2013 and that was also benign.

I find the lack of certainty or even pointers to potential causes not being explained to me very stressfull. I am someone who feels better if I know what I am dealing with.

Wishing you some answers soon - do you know when you will get them? I think that a complex cysts is also a benign condition, although perhaps they don't come and go like other cysts.

ConfusedInBath Mon 19-Jan-15 20:12:58

Nurse said it could take up to 3 weeks for biopsy results, the lining was 6.4 mm thick which I think is ok so I'm not particularly worried about it. Well sort of!

I think because of your previous burst cyst and polyp I would ask for a tv scan just to rule them out and give you peace of mind.

BrighterLight Mon 19-Jan-15 21:09:36

It sounds to me as if things have been narrowed down to the cyst causing the spotting or hormones for you and I hope they give you a simple remedy to the problem.

Constant bleeding and other hormonal things like the acne aren't great to deal with ongoing.

I think I will ask for a scan, as you say it will put my mind at rest. Part of me thinks they should do this as routine if you have a history - but then again, it's all down to cost I guess.

ConfusedInBath Mon 19-Jan-15 21:50:44

Could you go private?

Just been talking to DH and he wants me to get the cyst looked at privately. We've got health cover so I might as well.

BrighterLight Mon 19-Jan-15 22:40:51

I don't have health cover, so I will have to take it step by step with the GP. If it's a repeat of 2 years ago the spotting was a one off cycle and didn't reappear.

Blood tests are booked for Thursday and locum advised me to call and speak to a GP when they are back and decide next steps.

I am not sure whether I need to be anxious or not - I will definately ask about a scan if they don't mention it.

If you have health cover, I would definately use it - that means you won't have the horrible wait and they can advise what treatment you might need for the cyst. Good luck

Were the other tests NHS and fairly quick?

ConfusedInBath Tue 20-Jan-15 06:29:59

Yes tbf nhs have been excellent. Was seen at colposcopy two weeks after visiting GP. But I don't know whether that was because GP was concerned about my cervix and colposcopy thought it was urgent.
You could always ask how long a scan might be?
Waiting is the worst bit I think, that and googling!

BrighterLight Tue 20-Jan-15 13:58:54

To be honest I am a little lacking in confidence with my GP surgery as I get different information from each doctor I see. I did think about private health cover for this very reason.

It's good that you didn't wait long for your scans etc.

I'm still not even sure what the GP is looking for - I would have thought an internal examination was the first thing, but she didn't do that. Beginning to wonder whether the locum just needed something to write down as an action point.

Yes, googling is not good - I am mostly reading that spotting as a one off isn't indicated for hormone tests, my anxiety is raised now, so I will go along with the plan.

ConfusedInBath Tue 20-Jan-15 14:27:52

Yes I'm surprised she didn't do an internal tbh.
Maybe go back and see a different doctor? It's horrible being sat at home worrying, doesn't do any good for anxiety.

When is your next cycle due?

BrighterLight Tue 20-Jan-15 16:29:28

Hi - I currently have a tendancy to worry, lots of stress going on. In the past year I have been to the doctors a couple of times for super sensitive face skin, burning and dryness, which I have never had before. One of my regular doctors told me in September that she had to put it down to hormones and stress and she wasnt going to do blood tests for now as all my symptoms are intermittant and not pointing to anything clearly. I did mention thyroid problems then, she said work on the stress primarily.

So, in a nutshell my pervading issue is stress and it's management. I called the surgery today to prewarn them of my anxiousness before the blood test (they can never get any blood and in the past I have coped but really feel quite anxious this time). I asked what the tests were for and they are thyroid and fsh/LH levels - so perhaps I have jumped the gun with the gynae route and the locum is thinking thryoid or other hormone imbalance. Perhaps that is why she didn't do an internal.

When under stress ALL hormones go awol - anyway, I'm not a doctor and will just hope that I feel balanced in all ways pretty soon. I am getting a bit down about vague symptoms with no explanation.

Thank you for reading all my posts - you can probably tell I am trying to solve things when really I can't ha

My period is due any day now. Wishing you well with your results and a plan of action.

ConfusedInBath Tue 20-Jan-15 19:34:58

That's funny you should mention stress. Under huge stress atm and I did wonder if that had caused all the bleeding but then it wouldn't have caused the cyst.

I've got an appointment with a private consultant Thursday morning who will hopefully tell me more about the cyst.

BrighterLight Thu 22-Jan-15 16:23:37

ConfusedInBath - hope your appointment was useful.

I had my blood test today and a wait of a week for the results - it's been years since a test and thankfully the nurse managed to do it within seconds, no trouble. Almost too quick, she was very brusk ha

My period has not arrived hmmm More mysterious goings on. For someone who has been regular all her life with no issues, this is frustrating.

BrighterLight Tue 27-Jan-15 12:53:33

ConfusedInBath - I have an update which I think is an unusal explanation for extensive spotting. I am apparently post menopause!! To say I am in shock is an underestimation. I need to have another blood test in a few weeks to confirm.

Apparently this can happen. No significant changes in my cycles but now I look back and have read on the internet, there were signs of declining estrogen and now there are many and they are sudden. I feel rubbish tbh.

I haven't found the doctors very good at explanations - he just seemed pleased to have the blood test result match the problem and has left me to it

ConfusedInBath Tue 27-Jan-15 18:02:09

But how can you be post if you're still having periods and spotting?

What blood test indicated that?

Can I ask what your signs of decreasing estrogen was?

sincitylover Tue 27-Jan-15 22:16:38

I have a thread in the menopause section about this!

I had a period last June and early December and have then been bleeding since New Year's Day.

Gp has referred me to hospital and I have an appt on Monday for scan and gynae.

I suppose I would be classified as peri menopausal!

Watching this thread with interest

BrighterLight Wed 28-Jan-15 02:13:41

ConfusedInBath - I think that my experience is different from natural menopause that shows a gradual decline in hormone production and ovulation. The Dr called it early menopause (ovarian failure) and I think it means that the ovaries start to fail (I can't even write that without feeling funny) not in natural decline as it were, not at the same rate as all the other signals in the hormonal system.

I think that some of my bleeding was anovulatory and I know that is normal in pre/peri menopause but perhaps it has been this way for some time - meaning no eggs, so the hormones eventually get the message and stop. Hence my sudden experience.

Spotting in my case, I think was low hormones, so similar to sometimes having spotting at the beginning of the cycle. Spotting can also be from a physical source - mine is obviously hormonal.

Estrogen deficiency - although I didn't know it at the time. Nausea, red sensitive patches on my face that were flaring with heat and redness. Dry eyes, dry lips, hair loss, feeling hot and cold, increase in anxiety, subtle facial changes that you expect with age but they seemed sudden to me (lose of elasticity and bounce) - but all these things were happening intermittently and then improving (?).

Ironically I have not had my period since this news - this is the first time ever and I am now experiencing fatigue, my muscles feel weak and aching. The skin on my hands has changed, less 'fat' underneath them.

I believe this experience is similar to if you experience surgical menopause after a full hysterectomy or sudden menopause after chemotherapy - it's horrible tbh and I am still in shock.

Normally all these changes are slow and you don't notice so much I guess and they are all related to hormones. The blood test was hormone levels FSH and LH and my FSH level showed high levels - the levels go up and down for years normally, but he said mine were so high that they most likely won't go back which made him say this was a sudden thing

Spotting could be hormonal or physical in cause. Have you had any answers yet?

ConfusedInBath Wed 28-Jan-15 15:08:07

Your last post is very interesting. There are some things that I've been experiencing too, anxiety, stinging red face, feeling cold etc.

It's good that at least you know what is causing this and can no address it? But such a shock at you being only 44! Will you go on hrt now?

Had biopsy result back which was thankfully normal. The letter didn't contain my hormone results though ( although was told verbally that ' some of them ' were normal )

Got another appointment with private consultant tomorrow who last week talked about drugs to stop bleeding. So will take it from there.

How are you feeling now? I'm going to look into some supplements for spotting/perimenopause and overhaul my diet. Anything to help!

BrighterLight Wed 28-Jan-15 21:10:34

ConfusedInBath That is great news that the results of the biopsy are normal.

I feel I should say that my post above is by deduction only because today I went to the surgery to talk to a female doctor about it as I had become concerned something 'caused' this as it were. I know that my anxiety is coming from the vagueness of the doctors. I appreciate that all women are different and so many things can be going on that they don't like to say much until investigated etc

But.......I also feel they don't give enough general information, the possibilities or how things work if you know what I mean. It causes so much anxiety when all we are trying to do is look after our health.

I feel a bit irritated by this subject at the moment smile

Today's GP was vague as well and said Ovarian Failure was a bit of a strong thing to say from the other doctor, that it's normal and some women do have menopause early, I talked about symptoms from the last yr to confirm they were related and quite frankly she didn't really want to chat and just said come and get the blood done again & talk about HRT but sometimes periods come back, things go up and down.

When I said the other doctor said probably not with the FSH levels, she absent mindedly said, well maybe not then. I then said I had missed my first period since the blood test results and it was just brown spotting and is that OK considering I was told I had reached menopause and what should I look out for in the future as signs of things not right......... she said well if the spotting happens again, then come back for an internal (?) I said, I thought it was a v light period as it appeared at the time and duration one would normally this point she stood up and smiled and said, well just see how things go.......... I mean it's madness, my original visit was for long spotting after period, then I get blood test telling menopausal which probably explains the bleeding and then told spotting isn't OK - what do I make of that?

I am almost laughing about it now, but really, trying to get educated was a waste of time, trying to find reassurance and professional guidance was a waste of time. I will just wait for the numbers of the next blood test and meanwhile come to terms with being ended or near ended with my cycling life. I feel OK but am not going to expect support from the NHS right now, unless I can find another doctor.

The best thing for me is to calm down and not panic smile It's not easy but I got so upset this morning, it's not worth it. I am going to have to presume all is well or I think I will go mad smile

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