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anyone else out there with iih?

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summerdreams Wed 24-Dec-14 20:46:19

Hi there a bit long but here I go... I was diagnosed with iih at 3 months pregnant in April this year had a lp shunt placed at 22 weeks pregnant which was over draining for 5 week which meant I literally couldn't lift my head the it broke started leaking which left me in hospital with terrible headaches and visual loses by now I'm 29 weeks pregnant surgeons to worried to operate they kept me comfortable till 34 weeks when they could safely take baby out an operate at 33.5 weeks pregnant the shunt fell out my lung caused my infection markers to go up and I was struggerling to breathe my son was born by emcs at 33.5 they kept me comfortable till my son was 5 weeks old and home from nicu I had an operation to replace and reposition the shunt that was a success. I'm not over weight my iih wasn't caused by weight but after being ok for 3 months I've started to go back in to high pressure again they've adjusted my shunt twice this week and I'm still having high pressure symptoms today the surgeon has said that in January if I'm still having high pressure symtoms have to have cip monitoring (a cathetar put through my skull) to measure pressure and I'm worried that this is just gonna be my life from now on and I'm never gonna be able to have normal life with my now 4 month old son... experience in this sort of thing needed please and merry christmas eve

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