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Hernia op

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feekerry Wed 24-Dec-14 20:20:35

I have a very large abdominal hernia. Doc reckons 13-15cm at present. I initially went to docs due to still looking pregnant 10months after having dc.
She reckons there is a very large amount of bowel/intestine coming thru. She is not sure what type of hernia (2 sections) but has referred me for surgery.
Has anyone had this.. What is it like and did it work. I look absolutely ridiculous at present so really want it sorted but doc did mention they are not keen on surgery but I should be fine as its severe....

KurriKurri Thu 25-Dec-14 23:34:04

I've had this done- mine was an incisional hernia (as I had had several abdo ops - so probably similar to you if you have had sections) mine was very large too and quite painful.

Anyway I was on the waiting list about 4 weeks (I got a cancellation) as soon as I saw the consultant he said surgery was needed.
I had it done laparoscipally (?) so no big scar, just three little incisions and they put a mesh in to hold it all in place. I was done as a day patient - had the op just after lunch - home by 8 in the evening.

About a week of it feeling fairly sore then it started healing, - about three or four weeks I felt back to normal - had to be a bit careful not to do lift anything heavy etc, but driving fine after 2 weeks IIRC. If you work you'll probably need a couple of weeks off depending on how physical your job is, If you are a SAHM you might need a bit of help - you won't want to be lifting toddlers for a bit.

I had it done four years ago and haven't had any problems since. And it all feels much better - and I don't look as if I've got a melon down there any more !

missy111 Fri 26-Dec-14 12:54:17

I had a hernia repair for exactly this 9 weeks ago. They repaired it with mesh as it was so big, and extended the section scar. Had to be open procedure as too big for keyhole.

Feel ace now, though I have been very good, and taken things very slowly. At checkup surgeon said not to expect to feel 100% for 3-4 months...but I already feel miles better than before surgery

feekerry Fri 26-Dec-14 20:01:47

Oh okay that all sounds quite positive. Thanks
My main worry is they say live with it or it will take 6 months or something. Mine is a bit tender at times but mostly it just looks awful. I am quite slim and I look like I have an alien growing in my stomach.
I didn't go on my works Xmas do because I can't wear anything else apart from baggy leggings as I look 9 months pregnant. sad

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