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This is no SPORN alert. But I need some info ....

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TopazRocks Wed 24-Dec-14 17:07:02

That got your attention, but I have no plans to poke and prod. For a while now I've had a lump on my labia - external labia so definitely not a Bartolin's. It's been there a few years, like a hard pea, flares up and 'explodes' every couple of months. Till recently when it's been exploding every week or so. Gets like something between a malteser and a golf ball. Then fills, comes to a head, discharges and bursts again, And so the cycle continues. I am managing it with warm soaks, and external heat, and mag sulph paste.

I fear I might need it removed surgically. A GP saw it a few months ago when it was especially bad, gave me ABs, but of course it hasn't helped that much. I need to go back. I am long-term immune-suppressed which doesn't help.

My questions: would it be removed by gynae team? My knowledge of gynae is very old, but do they always offer GAs for minor procedures like this? I'd really prefer a Local and a few whiffs of Entonox. Is that a reasonable request? esp. as I'd be on the bus home after .....

MatildaTheRedNosedReinCat Wed 24-Dec-14 17:21:36

Topaz, sorry, it certainly sounds as if it needs surgery. It could flare up at any time and cause all kinds of agony (as you know).

I suggest that you ask your GP for a referral. Yes, it would be gynae. I would be surprised if it would be done under local and I highly doubt they would be happy with going home on the bus. You would need someone with you and proper transport. I'm a bit out of date but it may not even be a day case. Even if it is, it is still surgery and you need proper care and rest afterwards.

Hope you can get it sorted, it sounds horrid.

TopazRocks Wed 24-Dec-14 17:33:17

I thought even big ones and more 'intimate' ones get done as day cases. DH would accompany me. We are 20 miles from hospital and no car. A taxi would be 30 quid. My nearest local friend has a major fracture so can't get lifts. Even though it's non-urgent and I still need referral. I think I'll get it looked at by naice woman GP in New Year. Last time it was a big flare and very painful and I took what was offered by med centre. Naice male GP.

I don't why, if woman get stitches after child birth on LA, why they need GA for this. Not that I'm underestimating the pain for others - I KNOW it's horrid and painful in a delicate area. I just would prefer to cope with Entonox. I must get ready for Christmas. <no time for Google or indeed MN>

mrspottasbubble Sat 27-Dec-14 13:23:03

I wanted to ask as I have something very similar that appeared a week ago and despite ab's it's got bigger (the lump I mean under the skin ) I have never had it before but like you am immuno supressed. Does yours start agonisingly painful if it is even brushed against? I thought mine was a abscess.

Chewbecca Sun 28-Dec-14 22:22:11

I used to get something similar about once a month. Went for a routine work health check in the summer whilst I had one, the doctor there said to stoo using soap and use a pH balanced soap specially designed for the 'intimate' region. I switched in August and got another flare up a few days later.... but not one since then. I'm chuffed.

Might be worth a try?

Pigriver Mon 29-Dec-14 22:11:47

I had one of these (or similar- was sent straight to hospital from GP) and they used GA. I really didn't want it so they said they would do it under local but they couldn't guarantee it wouldn't hurt. I think if I had pushed they would have allowed the local. In the end I went with GA and to be honest it was fine. I had it done at 11am and was fine by 1pm. I think I was discharged at about 5pm

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