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madasamarchhare Wed 24-Dec-14 12:59:47

Does anyone have any useful tips for making more comfortable or the best off the shelf remedies you have found. Suffer occasionally maybe very 6 months for a few days then no problems for ages. Just been v sore last 2 days I'm after a quick cure please.

chloejaynemummy Wed 24-Dec-14 15:21:35

Anusol I got it in asda it's brilliant brings the swelling and pain down pretty much straight away I do use it more then it says on the first day doe so it really starts working? Mine seem to have settles at the moment! I'm sure they will be back soon

madasamarchhare Wed 24-Dec-14 16:42:10

Thank you that's what I have but I'm not v good at putting it on regularly. Bought something diff in tesco today will try that too. There is a remedy on Amazon but comes from states and £34! Not sure they are that uncomfortable!!

grimbletart Wed 24-Dec-14 17:07:38

Preparation H. Not as soothing as Anusol but does appear to shrinking the bastards. Apparently celebrities use it round their eyes to minimise wrinkles [grin)

grimbletart Wed 24-Dec-14 17:08:06

shrinking not shrinking. GRRR.

grimbletart Wed 24-Dec-14 17:08:35

Bugger "shrink" not shrinking honestly. Blood autocorrect.

grimbletart Wed 24-Dec-14 17:09:30

Bloody FFS - this mobile is going in the bin in a minute.

Happy shrinking OP. I sympathise.

GothMummy Wed 24-Dec-14 17:11:24

Ask over the counter at the pharmacist for Anusol HC, it works much more quickly, but you can only use it for 7 days.

Sleepyfergus Wed 24-Dec-14 17:16:12

I found the Prep H wipes were good and gentle after going to the loo. I never had them until I was preg with dd2 and I now occasionally get a wee flare up.

MrsMarigold Wed 24-Dec-14 17:19:46

OK if squeamish avert your eyes. Anusol and pop "the grapes" back inside before you do a number two and take fybogel everyday. Honestly they are manageable, but otherwise poor you.

chloejaynemummy Thu 25-Dec-14 17:26:33

Yes pop them back in! I didn't and suffered for ages then realised if I just push them back they would go and they did x

storynanny2 Thu 25-Dec-14 17:34:06

Anusol suppositories are really good.

BumWad Thu 25-Dec-14 17:37:29

Anusol suppositories are the best. They really are. They soothe immediately and if you are diligent in putting them in after every loose motion your piles will be gone in a day or too.

fukkigucci Thu 25-Dec-14 17:38:35

Can't believe I'm asking this.
I have one from when I was pregs with my daughter 3.5 years ago. It never really bothers me but I hate that it's there. And it makes hygiene a bit more.... I don't know! I really have to make sure I'm clean after a poo!
I'm thinking of going to see if I can get it removed but I don't want to show the doc my bum hole!!
Will creams etc make it go away completely? Should I push it in as a pp suggested?

saltedcaramelicious Thu 25-Dec-14 17:48:15

Apparently a peeled garlic clove inserted up there every night (and then just passed naturally when you next poo) is a good remedy! Garlic has lots of anti-inflammatory/antibacterial properties, bit weird but worth a go!

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