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Thrush, Thrush everywhere!

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mawinter Wed 24-Dec-14 10:03:24

Firstly, Merry Christmas all. smile

Over the last months I was on 5 different courses of antibiotics and took the probiotic S. blouardii afterwards to help build back up my stomach flora. Long story short, I am now having thrush pop up in various locations, mouth, under breast, vagina, under abdomen, armpits, etc. I am taking Nystatin orally by mouth and have some cream as well. I have been on this now for about 5 days. The breast, armpits and abdomen bits showed up just yesterday. I'm puzzled how new infections seem to be popping up when I have already started using the antifungal meds days ago? I'm trying to keep things as dry as possible, but with Christmas, etc i am running around a lot.

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