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Painful & damaged foot - what kind of referral should I ask for?

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Marina11 Wed 24-Dec-14 01:43:52

Went to my GP about an increasingly painful foot/heel. She didn't examine it - just said go on tip toe - that was it. Said it was probably achilles tendinitis & sent me on my way. That was it.

Pain got so bad over a weekend and went to A & E who x-rayed and said there's also a heel spur and signs of planter fasciitis

Been referred by A & E to physio which starts soon.

But with this triple whammy and with the real pain that I'm often in and difficulty in walking, should I be asking the GP to refer me to a podiatrist or podiatry at the hospital. I want to know more - what kind of shoes to wear - what insoles (present one aren't doing the job) and about any other therapies.

Or could physio, once I'm there, make a referral like this?

Thanks for any suggestions. The pain seems to be slowing me down and generally making me feel rough all over.

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Wed 24-Dec-14 02:08:51

The physio can give you support insoles for your shoes if needed and also refer on to either ortho or podiatry if needed. Big wait for physio up here so hopefully you're not as long and it gets less painful for you soon.

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