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V.ill with vomiting after local anaesthetic

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GingerbreadPudding Tue 23-Dec-14 19:56:19

I am 34weeks pregnant and had a local anaesthetic with adrenaline to remove an angioma from my neck about three hours ago.

Since then I've felt worse and worse and have just been violently sick. I've never puked so much in my life.

Is this a 'normal' reaction and when can I expect to start to feel better?

Kittykat7 Wed 24-Dec-14 10:34:06

I had scalp biopsies done & felt really weird afterwards. I was walking along & nearly collapsed. I asked at my next appt & the Dr did say it was the effect of the adrenaline. Can you phone the Drs where you had it done for advice?Best to speak to someone as you are pregnant. Hope you feel better soon.

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