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DH Persistent cough - should I be worried?

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KittyMcAllister Tue 23-Dec-14 02:32:32

DH, who is 39 and normally fit and well, has had a persistent cough for about a month now. It's had periods where it's lessened, but he hasn't gone a day without coughing (sometimes to the point of retching) that whole time. No temp or feeling particularly unwell with it.

He maintains that it always takes him ages to shift a cough (true, never this long before though I don't think) and that the GP will just say it's viral anyway. I think it's worth checking out just in case.

Any lovely HCPs out there who cn advise?

CMOTDibbler Tue 23-Dec-14 09:29:13

A cough that lasts a month needs checking out. It may just be a lingering viral cough, but thats for a GP to decide, not him.

OddBoots Tue 23-Dec-14 09:32:07

The NHS says see your GP if a cough lasts more than 3 weeks.

QueenOfNewYorkLyndie Tue 23-Dec-14 09:34:58

Even a viral bronchitis you can cough for 6 weeks and that is normal. You get very sensitive airways after that can prolong the coughing. If he's a smoker, asthmatic, feverish, short of breath or bringing up bloody sputum then he should see someone.

Finola1step Tue 23-Dec-14 09:35:18

I had this in January. Went on for weeks. Didn't go to GP. Then got worse over a few days until I couldn't walk up the stairs without needing to sit down. Was pneumonia. Took me months to get over it properly.

Tell him to observe the 3 week rule.

KittyMcAllister Tue 23-Dec-14 10:35:31

Thanks for your help & advice. After another really ropey night I think I might finally have got through to him that it does need checking out.

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