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Cold sores...down below (maybe tmi )

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Chippychop Sun 21-Dec-14 23:46:59

Back in may/June i got v sore 'down there' when I looked it was like a couple of little cuts. Anyway I wet straight to drs who immediately sent me to see a consultant (he does that if you've got medical insurance) the consultant took one look and said it's a cold sore and explained cold sores can appear anywhere and you tend to get a break out if you're run down stressed. She said it wasn't an STI (not sure how it could be but glad to hear because , well it is the herpes virus. )Well I got a prescription for Acticlover (sp) and it seemed to work.... For a bit anyway. Fast forward 6 mths and here i am before Xmas having just lost my mum in oct... I think I'm just about coping but fully expecting to come crashing down in jan but to top it all the cold sores are back and thrush and my period (it normally happens around this time in the month) I've no sex drive I feel rubbish. Has anyone else experienced cold sores down there? I will try and go to my gp but it's Xmas and they are so busy. I'm itchy sore fed up and so exhausted from everythinghmm

RobotRuthy Sun 21-Dec-14 23:59:32

Sounds like a vicious cycle. Being run down = low immune system = cold sores = being run down.

Be good to yourself and get to the GP now.

GothMummy Mon 22-Dec-14 00:05:49

You need to ring your GP for an urgent appointment tomorrow morning. You must be so sore sad

RobotRuthy Mon 22-Dec-14 00:12:46

Let us know how you get on. As Gothmummy said; tell them it's urgent. If they say they can't fit you in keep ringing up during the day for a cancellation or ask for a telephone appointment where the GP rings you back at their convenience. Good luck.

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