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Shoulder/neck pain

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Pigleychez Sat 20-Dec-14 12:54:21

Tuesday evening at the kids school disco my neck started hurting. I wasn't busting any moves or doing anything strenuous so know idea how but suddenly got shooting pains with certain movements. Was busy with the kids so just though id jarred it somehow.
Anyway fast forward 4 days and its no better sad
The shooting pains seem to have mostly subsided but now my neck feels very tight and tender and I don't have full movement in my neck without it hurting. My shoulder too aches like crazy. Im guessing its related as it was fine before. Neck also looks slightly swollen on that side.
Been putting Anti inflammatory cream.
Anyone any ideas as to what ive done? Any ideas on anything to help?

cbear1 Sat 20-Dec-14 15:36:16

Sounds like you might have pulled a muscle, maybe Trapezius? If that is it then protect it and follow RICE, maybe sleep propped up a bit, use ice and try not to move your neck or shoulder too much, which is very hard!
If it doesn't settle down soon you should probably see your doctor, it could also be a slipped disc I suppose if it is affecting your arm.

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