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Ds 9 months bf, v painful left breast

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GuyMartinsSideburns Fri 19-Dec-14 13:31:04

I'm hoping to see a doctor on Mon but wouldn't mind some advice in the meantime.

Ds is 9 months old and breastfed. Its all been going fine until I woke today with a very painful left breast. Its not a hot burning pain, my nipple is fine. Its sore to touch, but doesn't look red or feel hot. It hurts having my arm lean against that side of it, if that makes sense, its most painful on the outside-side. Sorry if this is confusing.

I'm currently on my 2nd period since having him, and came on yesterday so am wondering if its a symptom of that. The only thing is I've never suffered with tender breasts - not during pregnancy/pmt or anything but wondering if going through pregnancy has changed things up a bit!

It doesn't look as though my son has thrush, and we are continuing to feed although its pretty toe-curling! My right breast is completely fine, and I'm not running a temperature etc I'm feeling fine in myself.

Any thoughts? Thanks very much x

Mollymoofer Fri 19-Dec-14 20:23:58

Pregnancy can change things up a bit - my periods came back much heavier than before so it might just be that. Thrush doesn't always have the tell-tale whiteness. A good indicator of thrush is pain radiating through the breast after a feed.

It might also be a blocked duct. If it is, downward massaging of the breast can help to relieve the blockage. Doing it in a very hot shower is best.

Hope you get it sorted and well done for nursing this long. That's fantastic!

GuyMartinsSideburns Sat 20-Dec-14 20:20:27

Thanks very much for your reply. It doesn't seem as bad as it was yesterday, still a little tender but not as painful. I'm trying to feed as much as I can. I tried some downward massaging in a hot bath and think that helped, I'll keep doing that.

Really hope it goes away soon. I think if it doesn't feel even better by Mon I'll speak to the doctor.

Thanks again x

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