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Not sure if I'm taking too much thyroid medication

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itwillbebetter Fri 19-Dec-14 11:18:54

Been on nature thyroid for Hashi's and started on tiny dose of 1/2 grain. Results on that were pretty good tsh 1.76 t4 15.2 t3 4.1. Felt pretty good but thought t4 and t3 could be better and had some niggly symptoms.

After speaking to endo increased to 1 grain but feel a bit anxious. My heart feels like its racing but have checked my pulse several times and it is still within 60 - 80 bpm. I'm very slightly breathless. No other symptoms - no weight loss, no insomnia etc

Not sure if I'm over medicating or is this just my body 'speeding up ' and I will get used to it?
Do I need to get further bloods done and if so whats the protocol with timings and medication?
I am loathe to ask endo as I am a private patient and every blooming phone call costs hmm

Aussiemum78 Fri 19-Dec-14 12:07:40

Can your gp help? They can order bloods and talk to you about it?

RockinD Fri 19-Dec-14 12:21:35

When did you increase your dose? If it's very recent, it might take a couple of days to settle.

Your HR sounds OK, what's your basal body temperature like? That's another very good indicator of metabolic function.

Also, are your vits and mins in a good place, and your adrenal function?

Are you just worrying about what might happen on one grain instead of half a grain. Apprehension about a new dose is quite normal, and that settles too, when you don't grow two heads after all!

itwillbebetter Fri 19-Dec-14 12:51:27

Thanks for the reponses.

Increased the dose about 10 days ago.

I don't have a thermometer so not sure of body temp. I have no extreme signs, ie I'm not hot & sweaty or freezing cold.
Vit & mins and adrenals are all covered, lots of work went on here before I started the thyroid treatment. I did run out of my magnesium supplement a week ago (damn christmas post delaying every thing!) Its a pretty hefty one of magnesium,theanine, taurine and b vits so I wonder if I'm going cold turkey from that?
I've just ordered some l-theanine and 5htp as well.

It could well be anxiety. I've spent so long being told by the gp that I didn't have a thyroid problem that I have always felt like a fraud taking medication. I have elevated antibodies so endo was very quick to assure me that it was Hashi's but because the anitbody's were not that high, and all other thyroid bloods were not glaringly awful I have always been unsure of the diagnosis.

And yes I am gluten free! wink

naty1 Fri 19-Dec-14 23:49:21

Not sure about natural thyroid meds but thyroxine takes 4-6 weeks to affect blood tests fully as i have found mine continued to go down after the 4 week test.
Mine is 0.25 and i really dont have hyper symptoms (though pg)
No racing heart. Diarrhoea etc in fact constipation.
Actually ive realised i uust cant tell what tsh is except maybe raises bbt at night ive been hot (usually freezing)

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