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Gartners duct Cyst

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jojo497 Wed 17-Dec-14 19:27:03

Hi there, I wondered if anyone else had been diagnosed with a Gartners duct cyst, there isnt much info out there on the internet and I am having one removed in the New Year - I just wondered what to expect from surgery and what the recovery is like? thanks

yetwig Sat 20-Dec-14 17:02:17

I had one removed nearly two years ago, it wasn't a pleasant experience but I was glad I had it removed. Mine was about the side of a golf ball and had been growing bigger for about 6 weeks before I had it removed. It was very sore for about 2 weeks, after surgery it was left open to drain and packed. Any questions please ask smile hope yours feels better soon xx

jojo497 Sun 11-Jan-15 23:23:49

thank you for replying did you need anytime off work? i am due for surgery tomorrow..just getting a little nervous

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