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Fed up with GP's lack of concern, please help diagnose me

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mawinter Tue 16-Dec-14 22:04:26

Following a surgery at the end of September I fell ill a week later. It started with generally feeling like I had the flu a few days after surgery, dry cough, sore throat and muscles aches which next progressed to Bronchitis that lasted for weeks. Was on 3 different antibiotics for it, none of which seemed to help bar the cough medicine to loosen the mucus and the inhaler. Had a chest X-Ray 3-4 weeks ago (as I started to have pain at the side of my ribs) and no sign of infection could be seen. One week later was back at GP as mucus production was still high, he checked my ears, throat and nose and said he suspected a sinus infection and gave me OTC meds to help drain my sinuses, as well as some ear drops. I have been on the sinus meds for about two weeks now. Today I went back there because last night I could not sleep on my right side at all, was having pain badly at the sides of my ribs and back. I told him I was unsure if it was my lungs or ribs/back. He told me he suspected its a rib thing listened to my chest and said it was all clear. He also informed me he would be putting me on more mucus loosening meds as he could still hear I have a lot of mucus in my sinuses.

I keep telling my doctor my symptoms, but a lot of the times feel like he is just ignoring most.

These have been my symptoms since surgery:

Swollen tender glands, armpits, jawline and neck which seem to come and go
Sore Throat - Comes and goes
Cough, has gotten less, but at times is a bit loose
Occasional Wheezing - Was worse during bronchitis, I do have asthma so maybe it comes from this, though I feel it is a tad bit worse
Stuffy or Runny nose
Clogged feeling in ears
Very tired and weak
When I yawn, I sometimes feel i am not getting enough air as I make funny sounds
Pain at sides of ribs and back - often feels worse with a deep breath and since yesterday laying in my side
Feeling like I have the flu, chills muscle aches
Often feel too warm

Lastly there is the issue where my temperature has been higher than normal since weeks. At the highest my body temperature normally is around 37.1. Lately it can be as high as 37.9

mawinter Thu 18-Dec-14 06:42:21

Anyone? This is the second time i am trying to ask for advice related to these issues with no response.

FrontForward Thu 18-Dec-14 06:50:41

Sinusitis can be horrible and cause a lot of the things you are describing. You're probably not sleeping well but perhaps don't realise which will add to it

Have you tried steam room/sauna or inhalation for the sinus issues.

flossieflower Thu 18-Dec-14 06:50:50

I'm not medical but it doesn't sound good. Was the surgery related to your lungs/ribs? All I can say is keep going back until it gets sorted out and maybe ask for some blood tests full blood count, inflammation markers etc to see if there is something underlying going on and/or a referral to the hospital consultant who might have more idea.

Hope it gets sorted out soon.

larrygrylls Thu 18-Dec-14 06:57:26

I not doc either but raised temp suggests ongoing infection. The pains could be pleurisy or a pulled muscle from all the coughing. The yawning thing points maybe to blocked Eustachian tubes, maybe linked to sinusitis. If you have already had a lot of antibiotics, chances are that what is left is quite resistant to those antibiotics. You really need to keep doing blood tests until you find out underlying cause.

Don't accept vague answers and keep pressing for more tests. The good thing about infections is that once they clear up, you will quickly feel a lot better.

meandjulio Thu 18-Dec-14 06:59:12

I don't know that I have much to say, but I don't want you to feel this is being ignored.

It sounds as if your GP has put these symptoms together and feels the sinus problem could explain them. I wonder, as well, if you are generally taking a long time to recover both from the surgery and perhaps from whatever the thing needing surgery was? Could it be that what you need is a convalescent period? Have you been able to take some time out/time off work? What support do you have around you?

How long is the course of medication for your sinuses? i'd agree with flossieflower that I hope you've had some blood tests done at some point?

eurochick Thu 18-Dec-14 07:04:06

I'm not a Dr but my guess would be that post surgery your immune system is struggling which is why the infection is lingering. The rib pain could mean that you have cracked a rib coughing. My mum has osteoporosis and has done this twice with extreme coughing.

rednellie Thu 18-Dec-14 07:15:50

Have they sent your mucus for culturing? If not get them to do it so you get an anti b that is specific for your infection.

Try sinus rinsing, it helps shift the mucus and is pretty non-invasive.

All your symptoms sound right for a sinus infection, I'd just want to make sure the anti bs you've taken were correct.

rednellie Thu 18-Dec-14 07:16:28

(Not a doc but I have suffered with sinus/chest stuff for years)

mawinter Thu 18-Dec-14 08:40:20

I guess you can say the surgery involved the ribs in some aspect. I had a damaged Xiphoid Process removed. It had come detached from the sternum and was curved inwards. The biopsy showed inflammation in the surrounding cartilage.

Something I did fail to mention above (sorry there is so much crap going on and my head is a mess) was that a few days after surgery the wound began to leak fluid. Nobody ever ran a test to see if there was an infection in my blood, but did do swabs of the wound which always showed no infection. The wound leaked for weeks on end which is partly why it took so long to get me on antibiotics for the things which followed, since they had me on a 17 day course of antibiotics as a precaution for the open wound. It wasn't until they put Medihoney Gel on the wound that it stopped leaking and closed up. So a blood test is I think a really good point, as maybe the issue is somewhat related to the surgery after all?

With regards to the sinuses my GP has had me on Sinupret 3's daily and the ear drops I was given are I believe Otibacid (sp?), the ear drops were for 10 days. I was trying steam to help relieve some of the symptoms as well. This week also being totally fed up I looked for a nasal spray solution containing manuka honey and made a batch of that and only now am I am finally feeling some relief in my sinuses. So I think this is working.

One thing I also notice is I barely taste anything or things in general just taste off and my mouth feels really pasty. My tongue almost has a burnt feeling at the tip of it, yet I have not eaten anything to have burned it. Could this also be linked to the sinuses or perhaps thrush from the antibiotics?

I think I will go back and visit the surgeons who did my surgery and ask for a blood test.

FrontForward Thu 18-Dec-14 19:07:53

Bad/poor taste is a symptom of sinusitis

A weeping wound isn't good but if it's not red and sore you are probably fine

FabULouse Thu 18-Dec-14 20:19:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

meandjulio Thu 18-Dec-14 23:36:25

FabULouse, it did cross my mind too but the chest Xray was clear so less likely I feel.

mawinter Fri 19-Dec-14 09:04:33

Here is a copy of my X-Ray that was taken a few weeks back. There was two small areas of concern (at least, to my asthma doctor), mainly at the lower sides of my lungs where there is partially some white areas. He actually sent me back to the hospital to have them look at it and they felt it was nothing serious and leftover from the Bronchitis, but other than that clear of any infection. Could that actually maybe be aspiration?
The lower lobe on my right lung looks raised, but it is not, that was from years ago when I had Pneumonia and that section died off. So please ignore that portion of the X-Ray: grin
My husband reminded me today that when i woke up from my OP i had a really hard time to breathe and had to be put on Oxygen for several hours. I never had that in previous surgeries before. :/
I called the hospital where I had my surgery and have an appointment next Tuesday during their clinic hours to see the surgeons who did my surgery. I have also requested a copy of the anesthesiologists version of my surgery.

mawinter Fri 19-Dec-14 09:06:30

That is a really crap X-Ray too. The woman who shot it did not seem to care about how well lined up I was with the machine.
I have previous X-Rays if anyone is interested in comparing.

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