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Horizontal lines on finger nails

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FallenAngel22 Tue 16-Dec-14 12:35:06

I am currently waiting to see an endocrinologist as I have all symptoms of hypothyroidism but my bloods say otherwise. My TSH was 2 and free T4 was 10.4 in July. I am steadily getting worse and feel so weak and shaky all the time. I also have (and have had for a few yrs but only just realized) horizontal lines on my finger nails which are called Beau's lines. From what I've read these are a sign of a systemic disease in the body! Anyone have these lines and/or thyroid issues?

I keep getting told by my Dr it's my depression/anxiety making me tense and shaky but I don't feel anxious at the moment! Even though physically it feels like too much adrenaline in the body such as when you get a sharp shock, if you see what I mean?

FallenAngel22 Wed 17-Dec-14 09:12:50


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