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Pain in hands - GP?

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WishesAndStars Tue 16-Dec-14 10:36:30

I have osteoarthritis in my shoulders already which I saw a physio for, and keep up with the exercises to keep them mobile etc. I can go back to the physio if pain or movement worsens to get more help. My shoulder pain is pretty well managed now - they only tend to hurt if I have overdone it a bit, and I don't get pain when I wake up or anything like that.

However, I am getting a quite persistent pain in my fingers - particularly on my left hand (although it is there to a lesser extent on my right). It is usually at its worst when I wake up in the mornings, but it takes ages to settle down and my joints feel painful and stiff most of the time. Things like typing have become more difficult because of it. It has come on quite quickly - over the last couple of weeks, and I can't think of anything I have done which could have damaged my hands.

Should I try to see the GP asap, or wait it out over Christmas and see how things are in the NY?

WishesAndStars Tue 16-Dec-14 17:26:33

Just a little bump, in case anyone has any idea. I am in my early thirties, so quite young for arthritis, which is why I am a bit concerned about it.

SpottyTeacakes Tue 16-Dec-14 17:31:12

Poor you. I would book a routine appointment.

Christmascandles Tue 16-Dec-14 17:32:24

Do you have any redness or swelling on the joints in your hands ..?

I have rheumatoid arthritis but the pain is quite symmetrical iykwim, one hand doesn't hurt more than the other.
I also get some redness over my joints and swelling. Not hard lumpy bits though and no distortion of my joints.

Might be worth checking with your GP. A blood test can detect markers for RA. My symptoms are also worse when I first wake up.

Hope you're soon feeling better anyway x

WishesAndStars Tue 16-Dec-14 19:02:49

Thanks for your help. I'll book an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, and hopefully see them before Christmas.

My hands do look puffy and feel a bit hot, particularly around the larger finger joints, and I do have a family history of RA so I probably should get it looked at.

I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overreacting!

SpottyTeacakes Tue 16-Dec-14 19:15:32

I don't think you are at all smilehopefully you can get in before but remember there's only six working days until Christmas. If you can't get a routine appt I would say that's worthy as an urgent on the day though. Hope you get it sorted smile

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