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Painful periods since DS - agnus castus worthwhile?

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Sooperswooper Mon 15-Dec-14 21:12:17

Since finishing bf ds just over a year ago when he was one, (even though they came back pretty sharpish after I had him -though pre Ds no problems at all) my periods have been so painful, it's like my tummy is being scraped out with a blunt instrument. I now have very heavy bleeding and lots of 5p sized clots (tmi- apologies). About a week before I bloat, boobs swell to double size and I become Jekyll/Hyde character. When it starts, it's so painful it wakes me up at night; for 5 days I live on painkillers and it's just miserable. It is only since I had Ds that it has been like this. I don't know whether it's worth seeing Dr (I'm not really too keen on the pill/implant or coil for various reasons) and thought might try agnus castus first off. Anyone any success with this (or evening primrose? Or advice in general? Thank you smile

acharmofgoldfinches Mon 15-Dec-14 22:14:57

Years ago I used to work in a health food shop, and we probably sold more agnus castus than everything else put together, so it would definitely be worth a try! The important thing is to give it chance to work - it might take several months to make a noticeable difference, but if it suits you (and it works for lots of people) then it can make a huge difference.

I personally found Evening Primrose Oil helpful for the emotional symptoms of PMT, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recommends not eating too much dairy as a way of easing cramping and clotting, so that might be worth a try too.

Another option would be homoeopathy - you'd need to see a registered homoeopath - as that can be very effective with hormonal problems. Life is definitely to short to put up with agony five days a month, so best of luck in finding something that sorts it out.

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