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Talk to me about my bowels

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mandmsmummy Mon 15-Dec-14 15:32:26

Ok so history is auto immune disease, lots of symptoms nothing ever found apart from my imflammatory auto immune disease.
Tummy is always an issue, go from soft upset tummy to all sorts of stools.
Sometimes orange. Seen gastro doc who has asked for a colonoscopy although not concerned at all. My sample showed imflammation levels at 100 which isn't a major problem.
Any ideas please?

StoicButStressed Tue 16-Dec-14 10:32:21

Have you been tested for - and had excluded - Coeliac Disease (easy peasy blood test)? If not, then demand one (& it would be an ENdoscopy that would reveal it, NOT a colonoscopy).

My headline advice (couldn't read and run) to you would be to google EACH of your symptoms along with the word gluten &/or Coeliac (IE loose stools/Coeliac; tired/Coeliace - you get gist...)

Note for your GP if they are of snotty variety - 1:100 have Coeliac; only 1 in EIGHT of those is diagnosedangry

Sep, have you got ANY Neuro symptoms?? (migraine, balance probs, vertigo, dizziness, not able go on fairground rides, visual disturbance etc???)

ssunniebear Wed 17-Dec-14 05:58:30

When are you scheduled to have the colonoscopy? Hopefully once the GI has had a look they will habvve more info on what is going on / the best way to treat.

mandmsmummy Wed 17-Dec-14 14:46:19

That's just it, was supposed to get an appt through by now but nothing so will have to chase it up.
I have been tested for coeliac and negative.
Why do you ask about neuro symptoms?

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