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cough after flu like illness - when to see GP.

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chocismydrug Sun 14-Dec-14 17:34:16

started off with sour throat, high temp, shivers and being sick early last week. feel generally better but one week on I have an awful cough I cannot shift. Temp is cpming down with paraceta to normal but goes up towards 37.6-37.8 once it wears off. feel crap in general.

Would you go to GP tomorrow? Not sure if I need antibiotics (temp and cough). But I don't want to waste time :-/

pinkfrocks Sun 14-Dec-14 20:24:18

Cough can last as long as 3-6 weeks. That is normal.
Antibiotics do not shift coughs because coughs and colds are caused by a virus.

Don't bother your dr and please don't ask for AB- this is why there is now a really serious danger of us becoming immune to their benefits for serious illness because people demand them, GPs give in to get rid of patients -and it's having very serious consequences.

Coughs and colds can last for a while- keep warm, drink plenty and eat healthily. Get well soon!

chocismydrug Sun 14-Dec-14 20:31:15

I know coughs can linger but my temp I not really coming down. just checked - 38 again. has been up for over a week now.

I have two children (one with cpmplex SN) and I just don't function with a temperature. also have to go to work next week (no sick pay). not sure how to cope

but yeah, probably viral. will see how I am after a week. probably won't get an appointnent sooner anyways.

pinkfrocks Sun 14-Dec-14 21:26:59

Unfortunately, colds and flu are viral. ABs do not work and they should not be used. It's not unusual to have a temp for a week and 38C is barely a temp- up to 37.6 is normal. Sorry to be blunt but when my DCs have been ill with viruses their temps have hit 102.

Drink plenty and if you have to go to work take some paracetamol- though having a temp actually means you body is fighting something and it's better to let it run its course.

sanfairyanne Mon 15-Dec-14 10:08:09

i would go, yes. can you see the nurse if not a gp? just someone who can have a quick listen for any secondary chest infection

LocalEditorEssex Mon 15-Dec-14 10:17:47

Coughs can be helped by anti b's if it is bacterial infection which pneumonia and some chest infections are. See your gp and they will listen to your chest.

sanfairyanne Mon 15-Dec-14 10:32:03

its fairly common to get a secondary chest infection after flu so worth checking out

chocismydrug Mon 15-Dec-14 12:11:44

Thanks all. Just managed to get seen. Now on ABs. Hopefully better spoon.

sanfairyanne Mon 15-Dec-14 17:46:41

get well soon thanks

angeltulips Mon 15-Dec-14 21:13:51

Was going to say - the same thing happened to me and it is pneumonia! Advice not to go to the dr with a cough is terrible advice - definitely go and get a chest examination. Hope you feel better soon.

mumslife Tue 16-Dec-14 19:28:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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