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Is fexofenadinea fairly strong antihistamine?

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KatyMac Thu 11-Dec-14 20:34:21

I'm not sure it's working

hchc Thu 11-Dec-14 21:21:51

When I used to take it I was told by the ent Dr that it was a strong antihistamine and that they would usually only prescribe it to airline pilots - don't know how true this is! It never worked for me.

KatyMac Thu 11-Dec-14 21:59:39

Thanks - at least I know it isn't 100%

spottyblanket Thu 11-Dec-14 23:24:41

My doctor called fexofenadine "the big guns" & said to take as many as it took daily to get rid of my facial urticaria & angioedema. It didn't work. Turns out I had a major bacterial infection - in my gums. Who'd have thought that would cause so many problems? Now have dentures. No more problems. That's one in the eye for the dermatologist & GP who both told me I'd never find the cause of my "idiopathic" allergy.

lougle Thu 11-Dec-14 23:38:23

You don't really get 'strong' and 'weak' antihistamines. You get different antihistamines that work in different ways at different dosages.

Fexofenidine is a H1-blocker. That means that it doesn't stop the histamine being produced (whatever causes the reaction still happens) but it blocks the histamine being accepted by the H1 receptor, which stops the perceptible symptoms of the allergy -the pain, swelling, redness, heat and itching.

It's a good antihistamineantihistaminebecause it isn't absorbed by central organs such as the brain so doesn't cause drowsiness, etc. Also, it's got a low blood absorption rate and it's quite hard to overdose.

Things to bear in mind are that dietary fat, and orange, apple or grapefruit juice all hugely reduce the absorption of this drug, so if you take it at the same time as any of those you'll be taking a much smaller dose than you think.

KatyMac Fri 12-Dec-14 07:27:04

Thanks Lougle

I took it on an empty tummy so it can't be that (mind you the way my tummy works.....or rather doesn't)

I finally connected tingly lips with eating fish yesterday

SteveBrucesNose Fri 12-Dec-14 07:29:55

Depends on the dose - I was on 180s for a while and the dr reduced this to 120s which did nothing.

auntpetunia Fri 12-Dec-14 07:34:57

I got started on 120mg on Tuesday after a sudden and horrifically painful onset of Dermatitis herpetiformis so far the tablets seem to be working. I ve been told to take one a day but to be honest by 9pm I'm scratching like mad. I've got an apt at gps tonight so may ask if I can take more.

lougle Fri 12-Dec-14 07:40:43

It's got a relatively short half-life so that is why one a day is leaving you itchy at night.

hchc Fri 12-Dec-14 22:17:11

That's interesting lougle, I used to take it with a glass of juice every morning. Maybe explains why it didn't really work for me!

goodasitgets Sun 14-Dec-14 04:07:04

Did nothing for me. Ranitidine plus cetirizine worked for a bit, and then went on beta blockers
Urticaria specialist put me on nearly 30 x 10mg antihistamines which still didn't work shockshock
Now back on 4 a day of 10mg cetirizine

auntpetunia Sun 14-Dec-14 06:28:18

Well it's not having much effect on me either. Up at stupid o'clock coz of the pain and itching. Am tempted to take 2 a day one in morning and one at night although Dr said I should only need 1!

gingeroots Sun 14-Dec-14 08:49:40

I'd go for it petunia .
Lougle ,who seems to know ,has sais it's hard to overdose .

Wishing you better .Sounds miserable .flowers

gingeroots Sun 14-Dec-14 08:50:00


lougle Sun 14-Dec-14 08:53:26

I wouldn't increase without asking your doctor! I was saying that it is a relatively safe drug. We think of paracetamol as safe because it is sold over the counter, but just 8 tablets in one go can kill you.

gingeroots Sun 14-Dec-14 08:59:19

Sorry lougle and OP .
Quite right ,back to GP .

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