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Cracked hands

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Sunnydays999 Wed 10-Dec-14 17:37:26

My hands always crack badly esp in winter .iv tried Vaseline on a night and olive oil .i have flexitime foot cream for crack heals would it be suitable to put that on ?

Middleagedmotheroftwo Wed 10-Dec-14 17:38:37

It can't do any harm, and is probably worth a try.

siblingrevelryagain Wed 10-Dec-14 17:45:40

I'm often a bit sceptical about the claims of expensive creams, but loccitane Shea butter hand cream us the best for sore hands-it's a little dear (pressie suggestion maybe?), but you only need a tiny amount and it's so comforting.

Naughtyornicename Wed 10-Dec-14 17:48:19

I slaver on loads of e45, put on my marigolds and do some washing up. It makes your hands really smooth. I get manky hands too in the cold weather.

potbellyroast Wed 10-Dec-14 18:20:58

My DH and DB swear by O'keefes working hands which you can buy from garden centres or from amazon. It's meant to be for gardeners whose hands split from working outside. DH puts it on every night before bed as it is supposed to encourage new skin growth. He also says it stops the itching (he has eczema)

Interestingly DB is a builder and he says the old boys used to say pee on your hands hmm in winter to stop them cracking. O'keefes working hands has ammonia in it.

ishouldcocoaHoHoHoHoHo Wed 10-Dec-14 18:23:37

Flexitol is a good solution. I use it a lot. They have brought out a hand cream version which smells better but isn't half as good IMHO.

I also start to take multi vits which seem to help. Must be deficient in something...

potbellyroast Wed 10-Dec-14 18:24:15

Just checked amazon and it has 180+ five star reviews from people with cracked hands.

PancakesAndMapleSyrup Wed 10-Dec-14 18:31:17

I seconde L'Occitane hand cream youjust need a small amount and it goes staightinto your skin not oily etc

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