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LovelyBath Wed 10-Dec-14 14:25:43

Hi has anyone got this or think they may have?

I have over the past few years had a lot of surgery and have probs with abdominal adhesions, so used to tummy pains / cramps. I have more recently been getting-

Headaches and neck pains on sides of neck which hurt especially when pressed
Other areas like this on the chest / ribs and back
Pelvic pain
Hot flushes
Zombie-like feeling / lethargy
Heart palpitations.
Eye pain

I've been prescribed amitryptilline and buscopan for the adhesions pains and was wondering if the symptoms were due to these, but having reduced the meds the symptoms remain. GP has done bloods showing low iron stores and slight vitamin D deficiency (which may be due to having quite a bit of bowel removed). Have been prescribed iron tablets and planning further bloods and an ECG after Christmas. Have only mentioned palpitations so far as they were the first thing, but going to go back on the New Year. Does it sound like fibro? and would anyone like to share tips on what might help?

Things I've found seem to help so far are

Swimming / pilates, yoga type exercise
Sleeping / rest
Lavender oil massaged into temples / neck
Warm baths / sauna

In fact reading that list makes me want to take off to a peacceful health farm or spa type place and miss Christmas altogether! :-)

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