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recommend me dermatologist London, I have Acne scarred skin

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Tina88x Wed 10-Dec-14 03:17:53

Hello Everyone,

I am 26, and I get acne and blemishes very often, and also have acne scars .
Please please if you know any dermatologist that have done great for you please recommend me one, and if you have followed a regim or effective products please please recommend me .

I am really fed up of my skin condition and I've been having this problems for many years now! sad(((((

Please help

Thank you

pinkfrocks Wed 10-Dec-14 08:32:51

You need to consider Roaccutane. This was prescribed for my DD after nothing else worked. She is probably going to go back on it because after 5 years her acne has come back, despite using antibiotics, antibiotic lotions and other measures. I can PM you a drs name if you like?

HopeNope Wed 10-Dec-14 08:34:58

I agree, first course of action is to treat the spots, for which the best treatment is roaccutane.

Then you need it separately treat the scars, I have no idea how though.

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