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Trachea cancer?

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ruddygreattiger Tue 09-Dec-14 19:54:24

My fil was diagnosed with throat cancer last week and was told it was trachea cancer. He has been for a few tests with tubes down the throat etc and he has told us on Tuesday this week that it is apparantly in his trachea and also his aorta? He was told he would be having a full body scan last week but that was cancelled and instead he was told it would be chemo only. We have spoken to him again tonight and he has been told he does have to go back for a body scan (pet scan?) as they need to check something out on his bronchii. He is telling us there is nothing to worry about and is a bit vague with treatments etc that the doctors are recommending.
Does anyone know if this sounds like it has been caught in the early stages as this is what one of the first doctors told him after the initial round of tests were done last week?
If anyone has experience of this and the general routine of treatments that would be really helpful. We have offered to go to the hospital so we can listen to what the specialists are saying but fil doesnt want anyone else there (which is undertandable) so in the meantime dh is getting increasingly worried.

CMOTDibbler Tue 09-Dec-14 21:36:44

I think your dh really needs to go with FIL to hear what the Drs are actually saying - your fil will need help through treatment, so if he's vague you really need to hear what the plan is so you can help him

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