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Waiting for biopsy results after colposcopy

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sksk Sat 06-Dec-14 13:31:07

Hi everyone. My smear showed borderline changes and was positive for HPV. At my colposcopy 1.5 weeks ago (one month after the was worried for a month) the doctor thought the brush they use for the smear might not have reached the abnormal area. She took some punch biopsies and said the results would be 4-6 weeks. This is reassuring as results would surely have to be much sooner if they were really worried. She did say however that it is likely to be CIN 1 rather than 2 or 3 based on her experience of the clinical appearance of the abnormal area. I'm still worried and stressed that I won't get the results before the end of the year. If it is CIN 1 they usually say have a yearly smear so ill probably spend all year worrying about my next smear!
Any similar stories or has anyone had to have treatment?

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