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light headed, dizzy, forgetful & eyes a, bit funny. worried.

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minxthemanx Thu 04-Dec-14 20:01:03

For 3 weeks, have felt really odd, very out of sorts. Friends and colleagues have noticed. Feel like I.might keel over every so.often, always to the, same side. Head is fuzzy, keep forgetting names, words. Feel "thick" and have to have things repeated/explained. This isn't like me at all, normally bright, articulate, sharp.have seen gp, she referred me for MRI as my ds had ruptured aneurysm 3 years ago. (survived). A, week later, I'm chasing up the referral, which hadn't arrived at radiology, and was told it's at least 4 week wait. This, seems awful!! I'm sure this is just some viral thing but am.worried and, want someone to hold my hand. smile

maiscout Thu 04-Dec-14 23:02:38

labyrinthitis? That would explain the balance problem and dizziness. Not sure about the other symptoms but I've heard some labyrinthitis sufferers say they had brain fog.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help! Hope you get it all sorted soon smile

Idiotdh Thu 04-Dec-14 23:17:44

If u can't get it done at least get a CT head ..usually done in few days

nestee Thu 04-Dec-14 23:24:02

Sounds a bit odd, but I think there is a virus going around that has these symptoms. My neighbour has been feeling like this for 2 weeks now and my own dd had two days off school feeling faint and dizzy.

minxthemanx Fri 05-Dec-14 07:02:05

Thanks ladies. If it, was just the dizziness I wouldn't be concerned and, write it off as inner ear/vertigo/viral type thing. It's the forgetting words, muddling up letters when typing,forgetting people's names etc that's more of a, concern. Maternal cousin, had aneurysm as did, my,ds. Shed loads of blood tests, have been fine. Chances of aneurysm are remote, but I'd rather not wait 4 weeks for,MRI! Am working and carrying on as normal even tho feel rubbish and operating at 50% of normal ability. Idiot, how would I get head CT? Gp

Karmaone Fri 05-Dec-14 17:23:21

I felt like this with low iron anaemia. Worth getting checked?

minxthemanx Fri 05-Dec-14 17:38:41

Had full blood tests done, all levels fine. Today at work I felt ghastly, really unbalanced, couldn't remember people's names, messed up the register as, couldn't line up names and boxes, and left people out. It's, quite scary. At one.point thought I should probably go home but gritted teeth and carried on (not very effectively). When it was really bad this morning, thought about going to A +E but imagine they'll tellconfused me it's,a, virus and send me home. Need that scan.

mumslife Fri 05-Dec-14 19:56:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

minxthemanx Fri 05-Dec-14 20:51:23

Oh golly poor you, glad your daughter is ok. I'm a, bit more lucid tonight and not so muddled, but it was awful this morning at work, I got a, bit tearful as I couldn't get the simplest things right. I haven't got a headache most of the time, so pretty sure it won't be aneurysm, but if the confusion and dizziness are, bad again tomorrow I.may try A&E. Just assumed they'd send, me, straight home.

minxthemanx Fri 05-Dec-14 21:01:13

And you have my.sympathy watching your child have brain scan; our A&E insisted on several visits that ds had migraine. I kept tellingshock them it wasn't...finally got scan when eye dropped and pupil blew. Then rushed to gosh. Maybe that's why I'm reluctant to go A & E!

mumslife Fri 05-Dec-14 21:31:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Another one here who gets those symptoms due to anaemia.

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