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Dry Eyes

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Heynowheynow Thu 04-Dec-14 09:46:10

Can anyone tell me more about this?

I'm freaking out as I have another health complication which causes eye problems and I'm worried it's connected to that rather than the dry eyes as recently diagnosed.

My eyes 'feel' bleary and a bit blurry but my sight is not affected. They are stinging a bit too and I need to blink to get focus at times.

Thanks in advance.

magso Thu 04-Dec-14 13:00:42

Dry eyes (in various degrees) are very common -I have a mild case too. I was given artificial tears to use as I need to. There are different reasons for dry eyes, and different types of dry eyes. I have enough tears but they are not of a good quality (too thin) so my tears dry out a bit too fast. I have other health issues too so its hard to know what causes what, but it did get more a nuisance when I was given a particular medication - but only at first as my body adapted. The phrase dry eyes can cover quite a range of tear and eye surface disorders, and also some medications and health conditions can make tear production less good. Eyes are often left a bit dry after a red eye (I am prone to allergic conjunctivitis) although that recovers a few weeks after the red eye. Who diagnosed your dry eyes? Do you know if dry eyes can be associated with your health condition or the medication used to treat it?

Heynowheynow Thu 04-Dec-14 13:19:56

Hi there.

It was a consultant at my hospital after attending eye A&E for pain.

I too have been given artificial tears but I'm finding it a real pain.

I'm diabetic and have very mild background retinopathy but otherwise healthy, hence the freak out.

Heynowheynow Thu 04-Dec-14 13:21:45

I sit and stare at a computer screen all day long - so that can't help...

magso Thu 04-Dec-14 13:45:35

I don't have DM so can't help there. The screen use doesn't help I agree - and hot air circulating in offices at this time of year too. Make sure there is no fan blowing across your face where you work (and check the ones in the car are directed on the windscreen not your face). Have lots of tiny breaks with your eyes closed for a few seconds if you can. Try not to rub your eyes. The drops seem a nuisance and not much good at first, but once you get on top the dryness (by using regularly to start with) a bit they seem to help more. I still go through bad patches, where I need to use them more. I've read that eating oily fish -or fish oil supplements can help with poor tear quality. Have you had a cold or similar that could have upset your tear production temporarily?

Heynowheynow Thu 04-Dec-14 14:14:39

Thank you, that is really helpful information!

I do think there is a fan near me.

TywysogesGymraeg Thu 04-Dec-14 14:23:00

I have dry eyes - so much so that I originally went to the optician a couple of years ago becasue I thought my sight had deteriorated very quickly. Turned out that the dryness of my eyes had caused my eyelids to make the surface of my eye rough, and I'd got an infection, which was covinerig my pupil.

Several months of antibiotic drops, steriod drops and artifical tears sorted me out, but it took a while. I now use artifical tears (Hylo-tear) several times a day to stop my eyes drying out again.

Google superior limbic keratitis.

Heynowheynow Thu 04-Dec-14 17:42:39

Yes that's how I feel about my eyes!

Thank you. Looks like I need to start using the drops four times a day as told blush

TywysogesGymraeg Thu 04-Dec-14 23:03:21

Do. I can put mine in really quickly now. I use them when I need them. More often at my desk in work than at home over the weekend. I can't open my eyes very well in the morning until I put some drops in. I keep drops in my desk at work, in my handbag, atbthe side of the bed.... I'm never without them.

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