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Dr Levenkind

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Mamab33 Thu 04-Dec-14 04:10:07

Would appreciate your experience with tongue/lip tie division and an idea of timescales and cost.

feesh Thu 04-Dec-14 04:35:45

He's lovely and well worth the money. I took my toddler twins to him - it turned out that neither had a tongue tie, but he was still fantastic and gave them a thorough dental consultation. In the waiting room so as not to stress them out. There was a lady breastfeeding a newborn who had just had his tongue tie cured, it was lovely to see. Can't recommend him enough.

Mamab33 Thu 04-Dec-14 04:42:48

Thank you so much! Any idea of cost or whether he would do the consult and procedure in the same appointment?

Mamab33 Thu 04-Dec-14 09:26:36

Bump....any advice appreciated!

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