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Scaphoid (wrist) fracture treatment? anyone

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Catbadger Tue 02-Dec-14 23:22:01

wondering if anyone can help.
I broke my scaphoid (bone at base of wrist/hand) on the last day of May.
It was diagnosed and xrayed immediatley, my cast was uncomfy and I was in pain all through the summer. I had it re cast a number of times, 4 casts in total May- September. I was advised that this type of injury sometimes just knits back together and my own googling suggests that 8-12 weeks in a cast is normal management. I went for an MRI mid August and was told that the healing/knitting was poor but was not put on the list for an op to fix it until late September but taken out of cast and put in a splint. At the consulation in September I was advised that the healing was so poor I would likely need a bone graft not just a pin.

It's now December, I still don't have a date for surgery. I am seeing the surgeon tomorrow and angling for the op as soon as poss as from what I can work out I'll be another 8 weeks or so in plaster and really want to be cast/splint free and have a working hand by the time I go on holiday in April.

I think I have an argument that I really should have been referred for surgery a whole lot earlier so they must proceed with the op asap.

I need to drive for my job, it's my dominant hand and I want it sorted and fixed asap.

Has anyone done anything similar? If so how quickly were you referred for surgery and how long post op til you could drive?

I am seeing the surgeon tomorrow and really want to get this sorted. All/any advice welcome.

Thank you.

magso Wed 03-Dec-14 08:47:48

Just posting to bump and wish you good luck with getting further forward.

Matildathecat Wed 03-Dec-14 09:51:05

Lordy, *Magso^ that's shocking. Ds1 broke his playing rugby and the cast was off in six weeks and normal use within a few more weeks. I think you points are all valid. As long as you stop short of saying 'mismanagement'grin. I think we all know that will place you on the naughty step bottom of the list sad

Good luck. A whole year isn't right for a broken wrist.

magso Wed 03-Dec-14 18:45:19

How did you get on Catbadger? Did you get a plan in place? I was told that scaphoids can be rather unpredictable and might need pinning if it refused to heal, but 7 months is ages. I hope things improve soon.
(Mine has only been injured 5 weeks Matilda)

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