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sharon1988 Tue 02-Dec-14 22:37:54

Where do I start..........? sorry this is a long one but at wits end!!

After my daughter was borm in sep 2011 I basically didn't stop bleeding for 2 year was every single day without a break....finally I was offered smear test which really should have been one of the first things they done but anyway they found abnormal cells on my cervix so they were removed....didn't help! this was 2013!

I was then sent for an ultra sound months later as it didn't get better I was then found to have had polycystic ovaries....this was 2013!

This year It went the opposite way and I stopped bleeding didn't have bleed from jan to april then in april I had a very very heavy bleed to the point I couldn't leave the house because I was bleeding through straight away when I stood up it felt like I was peein ( sorry for tmi) any went to the doc was reffered for a trans vaginal scan went back a week later for results and the doc looked quite worried she said they had found a large cyst on my right ovarybut they were corncerned as it had hard particles in it so I was given a gyne app for 2 weeks later when that came through I also had a scan app for a few days before...I went to the gyne days later only to be told there was no cyst at all? I haven't had a period since that one in april all preg tests are negative but im getting so much pain in my lower abdomen again feel really bloated all the time could the cyst have came back or has it been there the whole time and the second scan was read wrong?? i don't understand how a cyst that they were really corncerned about could be gone within 9 days? or could it? i don't want to go back to the docs because im starting to feel like a hypochondriac being there all the time but im at my wits end with that pain and swellin in my tummy!

also when i stand up i look like im 7 months pregnant belly is really heavy sore and hard not like rolls of fat but when i lie down it goes away i am over weight but have actually lost weight throughout the year although my stomachs getting bigger but im not gaining 1lb here and there but i lose it again??

any advice on this would greatly appreciated thanks

apprenticeaddict Tue 02-Dec-14 23:20:24

I have no medical qualifications whatsoever, but just from the point of view of someone thinking, "What would I do if I were in that situation?" the question that screams out at me is did the gynaecologist give you a clear explanation of how it could have happened that the person who read the first scan thought it was a large cyst, but the second scan showed no cyst? It sounds to me that you should definitely go back to the doctor. Given the symptoms you are experiencing, you are definitely not being a hypochondriac in going back to the doctor, so don't let anyone make you feel that you are. I think you should go back to the doctor and, in particular, calmly but assertively insist on an explanation of how two scans could produce such apparently different results. If you feel you are being fobbed off, you have the right to be insistent. If you are worried about how to be assertive without coming across as aggressive, do you know someone who is good at doing that who could attend the appointment with you? I must admit, reading your post as a lay person does make me wonder whether there could have been a case of the scan results getting muddled so that the second scan was not yours. But as I say I know nothing about medicine, so maybe there is some medical explanation, but if that's the case it is perfectly reasonable for you to ask to hear that explanation.

sharon1988 Tue 02-Dec-14 23:28:57

The gyne said that it was more like fibroids which are tiny there was no large cyst but then she didn't say that it could dissapear I know small cysts can dissapear themselves in a few weeks but for them to be concerned about it and rushing through app that would usually take 12 weeks to get it 14 days later I wouldn't have thought a cyst like that could just be gone? I should have went back to my doc and asked after I got them results to make sure but I just think oh well there professionals they know what there talking about?

sharon1988 Tue 02-Dec-14 23:29:57

My partner gets straight to the point so should maybe ask him to come with me when he's off work

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