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retained root extraction

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anyoldname76 Tue 02-Dec-14 19:04:49

I had an abscess recently which was absolutely vile, had a course of antibiotics off the gp which cleared it up and I went to see my dentist.
He says a root of a tooth that was extracted caused it and needs taking out.
I'm waiting for a hospital appointment to have it done.
Has anyone else had this? I'm a nervous patient when it comes to the dentist anyway.
Will I be put to sleep as the dentist said they would sedate me confused

sksk Tue 02-Dec-14 19:10:00

Hi, it is likely they will discuss the options with you at the hospital appointment. They will bear in mind the level of your anxiety plus how difficult or easy the retained root would be to extract-they are experts at this in hospital. While I understand that you'd love to be asleep, sedation can be a great way for you to have the treatment with fewer issues interns of starvation/time spent hanging around the hospital before and afterwards and recovery, as well as the risks being different with going to sleep. Plus, a positive experience under sedation might even help with your overall confidence with going to th dentist for check ups and routine stuff so hopefullyyou won't need to go only as an emergency. Best of luck!

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