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Ultrasound before mammogram?

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EmberElftree Mon 01-Dec-14 07:26:15

I developed a red spot on my left breast seemingly overnight, I noticed it when I was braless and washing my hands in the mirror, it looked like a second nipple. It is to the left of my nipple on the tissue. I went to the GP the following day and she squeezed it a bit, cleaned it and gave me steroid ointment for it. It wasn't sore at all. I applied the ointment 3 times daily for 10 days and it changed a bit over that time but hasn't cleared up. I went back again to see GP and she has referred me for a mammogram and US. I have large breasts 36F and though we can't feel any lumps as such, she said it's difficult to detect sometimes in large breasts. She said there is nothing to worry about but best to be checked out anyway. Which of course has caused me enormous anxiety. I am 36.

The radiology place has said I can't go until the first week of my period. I am on CD27 now so should be due anytime soon. Usually have a 28-31 day cycle. The left breast is now painful, on and off and it feels as though the pain is radiating out from that spot. My right breast is also painful now but I usually do have painful breast before my period since i can remember.

I am concerned that the pain will not disperse as normal once my period starts and how I will cope with a mammogram. They are painful even squeezing my arms gently onto my breasts (this is usual). So, Can I insist that I have an US first so I can get that out of the way to help with my anxiety? Or do you have to have the mammogram first?

My mother suffered with cysts and had to have them removed a few times before MP. I was recently pregnant but had a mmc at 12 weeks in May. While I was pregnant I developed a rash on both breasts which the gyn said was fungal due my raised temps - she gave me a cream which I applied for a week and the rash went away. I do want to get it all checked out but am very afraid of course. My DH and I want to continue to TTC again but this is a dark shadow hanging over us. Any advice would be much appreciated.

DayLillie Mon 01-Dec-14 11:11:47

I was really nervous about my second mammogram as the first one hurt so much and I had problems for about 6 months afterwards.

This time I took 2 nurophen plus two hours before, and 2 paracetamol an hour before. Probably overkill, but it worked. grin Hardly felt a thing! I had a really nice operator who explained things properly about where to stand etc and lined everything up well. She knew I was nervous. I only had sore bits for a few days afterwards and wore my favourite gentle bra and took ibuprofen a couple of times for the swelling.

EmberElftree Mon 01-Dec-14 11:20:44

Ouch Lillie that sounds horrendous. Hope all is ok now. I have paracetamol but have been taking Brufen as it's an anti-inflammatory. Hope that will suffice and hope that this pain will dissipate as I'm nearing the end of this cycle. I am totally shitting myself, it's so hard not to worry so thanks for your reply!

DayLillie Mon 01-Dec-14 11:28:17

Every thing is ok now and I am waiting for the results which should be here any time soon.

If you have a nice operator like my last one (and they usually are, expecially in the clinics) she will do her best for you.

DayLillie Mon 01-Dec-14 11:36:41

Bugger. Got recalled. sad

EmberElftree Mon 01-Dec-14 11:57:40

Oh no, do you have to go back for another mammogram or an US?

DayLillie Mon 01-Dec-14 12:22:20

Dunno - it says it might be mammogram, us, needle biopsy and takes 2-3hours. It will be wait and see. The appt was Thursday, but I had to change it to next week. They don't give you much notice, do they? It rather adds to the shock - I am overbooked on Thursday as it is.

I expect they did not get a good picture because I have dense breast tissue, which is why it hurts so much.

Oh well - it looks like I will have to read my own advice, won't I grin

Hope yours goes well.

EmberElftree Mon 01-Dec-14 12:50:42

Thanks and you too for next week - do you not have to wait for a certain time in your cycle or is that not applicable to you?

DayLillie Mon 01-Dec-14 13:19:35

No - the screening programme just send you an appointment and you have to change it if it is inconvenient. This follow-up is exactly 2 weeks after the previous mammogram, so if it had been ok the first time, this would be exactly wrong confused. I don't think they take it into account much.

I have read that it is better when you are not premenstrual. I was getting that way, so it has probably contributed to the unclear x-ray (if that is what it is).

EmberElftree Mon 01-Dec-14 13:25:58

Ah ok I don't live in the UK so not sure how it works there. Yes I also read that it's a better picture after your period. I've watched a YouTube video about it to see what goes on, they say it only takes a few minutes for the actual x-ray. Good luck with yours.

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