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Pelvic adhesions - anyone got any experience of these?

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nikki1978 Sun 30-Nov-14 19:27:29

So I had a laparoscopy on Thursday as I have an 8cm complex cyst which they said was stuck around the back of my womb so they wanted to look properly at what was going on in case of any endometriosis etc.

I had a bad case of pelvic inflammatory disease 5 years ago so I asked the consultant before the op if that might be an issue which he agreed it might.

After the surgery i was told that there were extensive adhesions caused by pid and that one ovary was stuck to my bowel, my cul de sac is obliterated (what a horrible term!) and he can't even see or get to the cyst.

So I will see him again in 6 weeks for the post op and he said he will explain all (I was still pretty dopey when he explained it all to me) and order an mri then most likely more surgery.

A bit nervous about what all this means and about the prospect of more in depth surgery. Does anyone else suffer from adhesions? Luckily I have no pain but I am aware this could change in time. I am also aware they will get worse the more surgery i have but I guess the cyst needs to be removed. Just feels a bit overwhelming right now!

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 30-Nov-14 20:31:28

The surgeon should have talked to you about the findings of the lap about a week or so post this initial lap op - not when you were still feeling woozy!. Honestly I would complain about this because it is simply not acceptable.

Adhesions are like sticky strands that tether organs together. Drug treatment on its own will not touch adhesions; surgery is needed to remove these. How experienced is he in doing such surgery?. I would be asking him outright how much experience he has had in dealing with cases like this and what his patients outcomes are. Put questions to him and do not leave there thinking, "oh I should have asked about ..."etc.

No question is daft and he should be able to answer the surgical questions you put to him. I would attend this next appointment with your DH/DP if at all possible as he can also give you moral support (such appointments can be daunting) and ask questions too. Take notes also.

LovelyBath Mon 01-Dec-14 13:32:35

I have adhesions too. The problem is that when removed they usually form again and surgery can make them worse unfortunately. Sometimes keyhole surgery can be used to cut the adhesions away and sometimes open surgery is needed. Hopefully you can get the cyst removed OK without needing open surgery but if you do it can be Ok (have had open in the past due to adhesions. there are good groups on adhesions on facebook too

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