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Old elbow injury flaring up?

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HoundPaws Sat 29-Nov-14 21:21:57

15 years ago or thereabouts my arm was forced behind my back until it 'snapped'. It was really bad at the time and was unusable for several weeks if I remember rightly, but it eventually healed 99.9%, it would just feel as though the ligament would slightly 'catch' sometimes. However, in recent months it seems to have deteriorated being a little painful and I find myself favouring the other arm. Has anyone had anything similar and if so what was advised? I wonder whether physio or an elbow support would be worth a try or if I should just rest it? Its not bad enough to visit a GP. Thanks

dotnet Mon 01-Dec-14 07:46:45

I don't suppose this is all that helpful really, - but I hurt my elbows quite a lot a few years ago and one of them reacted with - I think it was called 'crepitation' - sort of a creaking when I turned my palm 180 degrees from flat ('facing down') to facing up.

Both my elbows are pretty much OK now but I think I've been left with a bit of weakness. My solution is just to put less strain on them. Now, I mostly carry my shopping on my back, in a rucksack.

mawinter Mon 01-Dec-14 09:51:43

It is possible that the injury you suffered years ago caused your ulnar nerve to become trapped. Weakness in the arms is a very common symptom of this condition and was my first sign. You should get it checked out to be safe because left untreated it can become quite nasty.

HoundPaws Tue 02-Dec-14 20:34:15

Thank you for the advice, appreciated. I will try not to over use it and get it checked when I get a chance.

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