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Wheezing and shortness of breath what to do?

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Swingball Sat 29-Nov-14 20:58:55

Bad cold and cough but have been wheezing, struggling to breath properly not ashmatic or anything. For about and hour. What should I do?

peanutbutterwolf Sat 29-Nov-14 21:01:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Swingball Sat 29-Nov-14 21:03:35

Yes will phone thanks

PepsiTwirl Sat 29-Nov-14 21:06:59

111 if in England...

If that bad, even go to A&E

Swingball Sat 29-Nov-14 21:28:31

They said go to a&e Will be fun on a Saturday night

DreamsOfFreddieInTheNight Sat 29-Nov-14 21:30:04

If it's asthma you won't have to wait, you'll be treated pretty much straight away!

PepsiTwirl Sat 29-Nov-14 23:05:57

How u getting on?

If bad, you won't have to wait around

Swingball Sat 29-Nov-14 23:18:21

I'm sitting waiting to see the doc but feeling somewhat better. Thanks for askingsmile Was a bit scary there for a while. Now I'm sat here worrying they'll think I'm a fraud!!

Swingball Sun 30-Nov-14 10:18:59

Just in case anybody who knows about these things sees this, I would appreciate advice. May have to start another thread.

Last night I was put on a nebuliser which really helped. Doctor said 'it is the airways then'. She gave me steroids and told me to see the GP on Monday. She said 'I don't know if it's a viral trigger or allergies, but I suspect allergies because it came on quickly'.

She never actually said the word 'asthma' but is this what we're talking about? What should I expect from the GP?

Verso Mon 01-Dec-14 17:18:50

How did you get on? I have had this. Had some scary nights and days where I couldn't breathe properly or speak. Went to my GP today expecting to be told to take fluids and paracetamol but to my surprise got taken seriously and given an inhaler. Apparently there's a nasty virus doing the rounds that can trigger asthma-like symptoms. I hope you feel better. It's horrible!

lazydog Tue 02-Dec-14 03:32:54

Similar to Verso, but not so severe. I went to the drs because I'd not been able to shake off a cough for about 8 weeks. It had started with a nasty cough and cold virus (that the whole household had to begin with, but I was left having coughing and wheezing at night, long after everyone else was better.) I was given an inhaler but told that it was unlikely that I'd need it long-term and not to worry that it meant that they thought I had "proper" asthma - it was a post-viral reaction in/by my lungs.

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